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    Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads and Wetbag Review

    Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads and Wetbag Review

    I made the switch to reusable menstrual products after the birth of my oldest child. After swapping out disposable pads and tampons for cloth pads and menstrual cups, my only regret is that I did not begin using reusable products sooner. Cloth pads are more comfortable during my period and great both during and after pregnancy. When recently offered the chance to review some Lötus feminine pads from Omaïki in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity. I received a Mini Maxi set, Maxi set, Maxi Plus set, and wetbag in the purple print as well as a sample bag of

    About Omaïki

    Established in 2007, Omaïki was created by two mothers who were already avid supporters of cloth diapers after the births of their children that year. Offering a wide range of products that meet the expectations of the most demanding young fathers and mothers, the innovative Omaïki product line is designed, developed, and produced in Canada. Omaïki currently offers cloth diapers, swim diapers, training pants, nursing pads, feminine pads, and more.

    Price and Design

    All Lötus feminine pads from Omaïki are made in Canada with Canadian fabrics. The absorbent layer consists of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. The wetproof barrier consists of 100% polyester (PUL). The pads fit in the crotch of underwear with a plastic snap on the crotch wings. I received the purple print, which is a dark background covered in leaves of various shades of purple.

    Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads, Bubble Detergent, and Wetbag Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads in Packaging

    Front and Back of Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads Snaps of Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads

    Mini Maxi

    Designed for medium to heavy flow, the Lötus Mini Maxi measures 8.5 inches in length. The set of two pads currently costs $18.00.


    Designed for heavy flow, the Lötus Maxi measures 11 inches in length. The set of two pads currently costs $20.00.

    Maxi Plus

    Designed for heavy, postpartum, and overnight flow, the Lötus Maxi Plus also measures 11 inches in length but contains additional absorbency. The set of two pads currently costs $22.00.


    Perfect for feminine or nursing pads, the Lötus wetbag is a small wetproof bag with a zippered pouch for soiled pads and a quick-access pocket for clean pads. Made of 100% PUL and measuring 6.5 inches by 5.75 inches, the wetbag holds five to seven feminine pads. The wetbag currently costs $14.00.

    Omaïki Lötus Wetbag Zippered Pouch of Omaïki Lötus Wetbag


    As I have mentioned many times in past cloth diaper and pad reviews, I am super lazy in the laundry room. I currently store my clean cloth pads in a cabinet in my bathroom between uses. I place dirty pads in a wetbag between wash days. If you are worried about staining, you can rinse the used pad. I, however, am not concerned about staining because I am the only one to see my pads. On laundry day, I wash my pads and wetbags (along with cloth wipes and/or diapers) on warm with powdered detergent followed by two cold rinses. I then toss all the laundry in my dryer on delicate (low heat) for 80 to 90 minutes. Omaïki Lötus feminine pads easily into my current laundry routine, so I rate the pads extremely favorably in terms of laundering.


    I have sensitive skin, so non-irritating fabrics are a must for me. The bamboo-cotton material of my new Omaïki Lötus pads is super soft to the touch. The pads are gentle and comfortable, even in the most intimate area of the body. The sewing around the edge of the pad is also quite soft and never rubs me the wrong way. I have tried many different pads made from many different fabrics, and my new Lötus pads are comfortable enough for everyday use.

    In addition to the softness, the bamboo and cotton material in my Omaïki Lötus pads is also extremely absorbent. Omaïki makes pads specifically for incontinence, but the feminine pads also work well to catch and contain small leaks. Many women, especially mothers, leak a little urine every now and again. Pregnancy, labor, birth, and just plain aging can weaken the pelvic region. When a surprise cough or sneeze sneaks up, women sometimes pee. My Omaïki Lötus pads provide the protection that I need during and between periods. The Mini Max works well for everyday use including minor leaks as well as on lighter menstrual days while the Maxi and Maxi Plus are great on heavier flow days.

    Because of the cotton-bamboo absorbent layer and PUL wetproof layer, Omaïki Lötus pads are quite a bit thinner than most of the other cloth pads in my stash. Many of my other pads have fleece backings, which works well to protect my clothing from wetness and leaks but does have the drawback of bulkiness. The PUL backing makes a Lötus pad incredibly thin and more discreet than many other brands. The crotch snaps also keep the pad securely in place in my underwear. I can comfortably wear the feminine pads every day.

    Finally, Omaïki Lötus feminine pads fold up for convenient storage. For example, on a recent three-day trip, I took my Lötus wetbag filled with five neatly folded pads. I can store the clean ones in the pocket and then place the used ones in the zippered pouch. When out and about, I can neatly refold a used pad and snap in wetness and odors. The small wetbag fits easily in my purse or my travel bag.

    Edges of Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads Folded Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pad

    Final Verdict

    If you are ready to make the switch to cloth pads, I definitely recommend Omaïki Lötus feminine pads. The pads consist of an absorbent layer consists of bamboo and cotton with a wetproof PUL backing. Because of the materials, Lötus pads are much thinner than many other brands, making the pads suitable for any day of the menstrual cycle. The material is extremely comfortable and absorbent. The pads also fold up to contain odors and wetness and for convenient storage and transportation in the small wetbag.

    For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Omaïki website. You can also follow the brand on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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    Omaïki Lötus Feminine Pads, Bubble Detergent, and Wetbag © 2017 Heather Johnson
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