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Disclosure: I received a Perfect Bib as part of an advertorial.

Perfect Bib in PackagingHave you heard of the Perfect Bib? Created by father of two T.J. Kendale, the Perfect Bib came about after frustrations over the inadequacies of other bibs available on the market. T.J. found himself feeling baffled as he struggled with messes after every meal. As the mother of a sometimes messy toddler, I can relate. Thus, when offered the chance to review a Perfect Bib, I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

I received a Perfect Bib in a pink and brown flower print with brown trim. Recommended for children between the ages of nine months and three years, the Perfect Bib is made from ecoPUL, a waterproof fabric that easily wipes clean. Unlike other bibs, the Perfect Bib transforms into a number of options, giving you exactly the bib you need for your child.

Perfect Bib is especially perfect as a bib that grows with your child. Each bib consists of two pieces. The larger bottom piece attaches to the smaller top piece with two pieces of velcro. On the largest setting, the Perfect Bib covers my daughter from her neck to past her knees. The medium setting covers her from her neck to just past her waist. Both settings are great for kids who make bigger messes during mealtimes.

Top Section of Perfect Bib Bottom Section of Perfect Bib

The smaller top part of the Perfect Bib works great for kids who are fairly neat eaters but who still sometimes spill. I generally use just the top part on my daughter because she is such a clean eater. The bottom of the top part also folds up and snaps to create a little pouch for catching crumbs and other messes. The pouch setting is perfect for younger babies who are still learning to eat solid foods and for older kids who still spill larger pieces.

In addition to a bib, the Perfect Bib is also perfect for other uses. My daughter personally loves wearing her Perfect Bib as a cape between meals. (Note that the Perfect Bib is not a toy. Adult supervisor required at all times.) Because of the waterproof material, the Perfect Bib also works as a splash cover. In fact, when my daughter first saw the bib, she proclaimed, “Water table!” The Perfect Bib looks extremely similar to the smocks at the water table at our local children’s museum. The next time that I let me daughter play with her water table inside, I will use the Perfect Bib as a smock.

Cleaning the Perfect Bib is extremely easy. For most messes, simply wipe the food off with a damp cloth at the end of a meal. When the bib becomes more soiled, I simply toss the entire garment in the washing machine with my cloth diapers or even my regular laundry. Because of the PUL, I do hang the bib to air dry.

The basic edition of the Perfect Bib currently retails for $11.99 each. For such a versatile garment, the Perfect Bib is priced at a steal! You need only one Perfect Bib, but I would recommend having a few on hand, especially at such a reasonable price.

 Perfect Bib with Pouch
Final Verdict: The Perfect Bib truly is the perfect bib — plus much more! Consisting of two separable pieces, the bib transforms from a small bib with a pouch to a full-length bib. The Perfect Bib has endless uses, limited only by your creativity. Made from ecoPUL, the Perfect Bib is easy to clean and maintain. At just $11.99 each, the Perfect Bib is incredibly reasonably priced. I highly recommend the Perfect Bib to all parents with messy eaters.

For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Perfect Bib website. You can also follow Perfect Bib on Facebook and Twitter.

I received a Perfect Bib mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Perfect Bib in Packaging © 2014 Heather Johnson
Top Section of Perfect Bib © 2014 Heather Johnson
Bottom Section of Perfect Bib © 2014 Heather Johnson
Poppy Wearing the Perfect Bib on the Largest Setting © 2014 Heather Johnson
Poppy Wearing the Perfect Bib on the Medium Setting © 2014 Heather Johnson
Poppy Wearing the Perfect Bib on the Smallest Setting © 2014 Heather Johnson
Perfect Bib with Pouch © 2014 Perfect Bib

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