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Stuffed animals are an absolute favorite in my house. I collected stuffed animals as a child, and my husband continues to buy me new ones for special occasions and when he travels for business. Our dog, Espen, also loves stuffed animals. His favorite toys are his plush Snoopy dolls. He also has about a hundred other plush animals that he plays with because he just is not interested in more typical dog toys.

My daughter, Poppy, is only nine weeks old. However, I am already on the lookout for cute stuffed animals for her. (She is already eying the big plush dog that James bought me when we were dating.) I am therefore really excited about PetCakes!

PetCakes are plush animals that feature a frosting hat and which are nestled inside a cupcake wrapper. When pressed down into the wrapper, the PetCake looks like a cupcake. Each individual PetCake also comes with its own whimsical back-story. Series 1 consists of four dogs: Twinkle Sprinkles, Blueberry Buddy, Coco-Coconut, and Randy Candy. Mini Series 1 consists of miniature versions of Series 1. Series 2 consists of a bear, a panda, a raccoon, and a squirrel: Honey Cakes, Bamboo Berry, Roco Coco, and Nutty Nicky.

PetCakes 1 PetCakes 2
My first impression of Honey Cakes and Roco Coco is that both plush animals are absolutely adorable. I particularly love Honey Cakes’ little tongue, which reminds me of when my dog sticks out his tongue. My husband thinks PetCakes are cute and really creative. He also likes that the cupcake wrapper teaches kids to put their toys back where the toys belong. Although she is not old enough to play with PetCakes alone because the recommended age for the toy is three years and up, my daughter was nonetheless already intrigued by these stuffed animals. She reached for the toys when we held them up in front of her.

Because my dog is also a huge fan of stuffed animals, I am particularly considered about durability. Even though we try to keep his toys separate from ours, Espen sometimes gets his mouth of something that is not his. To test the durability of Honey Cakes and Roco Coco, I tugged and pulled on the plush toys with as much rigor as Espen might take to one while playing tug of war. Both held up under my abuse wonderfully. I am definitely not concerned about my small dog destroying this well made toy.

The only thing that I would change about PetCakes is that I would make the cupcake holder slightly taller. As is, the animal is a bit difficult to shove completely down into the wrapper.

My final verdict on PetCakes: I really like this line of stuffed animals. The animals are cute, and the cupcake feature is unique and adorable. I will definitely consider buying the rest of the line for my daughter. After all, she has two, so she needs the rest of the collection! And, at only $12.99 each, PetCakes are an excellent value.

To get your hands on your own PetCakes, simply visit the PetCakes store online.

PetCakes Series 2

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