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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: B

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: B

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    back downwithdraw from a positionintransitiveThe huge dog backed down.
    back down fromwithdraw from a positioninseparable transitiveThe city council backed down from its original plans.
    back offstop being involvedintransitivePlease just back off.
    back out offail to keep a commitment, promise, agreement, or deal; withdraw fromintransitiveThe shareholder backed out of the deal.
    back upaccumulateintransitiveTraffic got backed up this afternoon.
    back upgive supportseparable transitiveMy boss backed me up at the meeting today.
    band togetherform a groupintransitiveThe disgruntled customers banded together to demand change.
    bank ondepend on something happeninginseparable transitiveNever bank on a sure thing.
    bawl outcriticize, reprimand, scoldseparable transitiveHer supervisor bawled her out.
    bear downpress or push downintransitiveThe woman bore down while giving birth.
    bear down onuse a great amount of effortinseparable transitiveYou must bear down on your studies.
    bear down onapproach rapidlyinseparable transitiveThe storm is bearing down on the island.
    bear onpertain toinseparable transitiveThe case bears on the rights of all citizens.
    bear outprove the truthseparable transitiveI will bear your out if you tell the truth.
    bear upwithstand, endureintransitiveShe bore up despite the situation.
    bear up underwithstandinseparable transitiveShe bore up under the enormous strain.
    bear withbe patientinseparable transitiveBear with me today.
    beat uphurtseparable transitiveThe bully beat him up.
    beef upmake strongerseparable transitiveBeef up your image with a new look.
    belly up tomove in closerinseparable transitiveThe man bellied up to the woman at the bar.
    belt outto sing or play an instrument loudlyseparable transitiveHe belted out the song in the shower.
    bend over backwardstry extremely hard to help or pleaseintransitiveShe would bend over backwards for me.
    black outfaint, lose consciousnessintransitiveThe old woman blacked out.
    blast offlaunchintransitiveThe rocket blasts off tomorrow morning.
    blow invisit unexpectedlyintransitiveAunt Irma blew in this afternoon.
    blow outexplodeseparable transitiveThe accident blew out a tire.
    blow overpass without creating a problem, lessintransitiveThe situation blew over.
    blow upexplore, make explode, destroy using explosivesseparable transitiveThe bomb blew the building up.
    blow upsuddenly become very angryintransitiveMy wife blew up at the kids.
    boil down toreduceinseparable transitiveThe problem boils down to one choice.
    boil upappear or increase suddenlyintransitiveAll her negative emotions suddenly boiled up.
    bolt downeat quicklyseparable transitiveThe dog bolted his treat down.
    bone up onreviewinseparable transitiveThe students boned up on phrasal verbs.
    boot outmake someone leaveseparable transitiveThe librarian booted him out of the building.
    bottle upsuppressseparable transitiveShe bottles her feelings up.
    bottom outreach the lowest pointintransitiveThe market bottomed out.
    bounce back (from)reboundintransitiveHe bounced back from the tragedy.
    bowl oversurpriseseparable transitiveYou always bowl me over.
    break downanalyze in detailseparable transitiveBreak the problem down into more manageable pieces.
    break downmalfunctionintransitiveMy car broke down again.
    break downbecome mentally illintransitiveShe broke down after the death of her child.
    break inwear or use something new until comfortableseparable transitiveI need to break my new shoes in.
    break in oninterruptinseparable transitiveShe broke in on the conversation.
    break intoenter unlawfullyinseparable transitiveThe thief broke into the house.
    break intointerruptinseparable transitiveShe broke into the conversation.
    break offendseparable transitiveHe broke the relationship off.
    break outappear violently or suddenlyintransitiveThe pandemic broke out on the island first.
    break outuse something extravagant for celebrationinseparable transitiveBreak out the champagne!
    break out ofescapeinseparable transitiveThe criminal broke out of jail.
    break upcrumble, fracture into piecesseparable transitiveBreak up the cracker for the baby.
    break updisperse, stopseparable transitiveThe warden broke up the fight.
    break upend a relationshipintransitiveThe couple broke up last night.
    breeze throughsucceed easilyinseparable transitiveShe breezed through the exam.
    bring aboutcause to happenseparable transitiveWe will bring about change.
    bring aroundcause to happen, convince someoneseparable transitiveShe brought him around to her viewpoint on the issue.
    bring awaylearn or gain from an experienceseparable transitiveI brought away a new worldview from my travels to Africa.
    bring downreduceseparable transitiveTry to bring the fever down.
    bring oncause somethingseparable transitiveA fever can bring on chills.
    bring outhighlight, stressseparable transitiveMake sure to bring out the problems with the textbooks.
    bring overtransport something or someoneseparable transitiveBring the soda over to me.
    bring upraiseseparable transitiveShe is bringing up her daughter on her own.
    brush offignore something or someoneseparable transitiveHe brushed me off.
    buddy up totry to make friends withinseparable transitiveMy coworker buddied up to our new boss.
    build upincrease anticipation, hypeseparable transitiveThe company built its new product up.
    bung upblockseparable transitiveThe child bunged the toilet up by flushing socks.
    burn downdestroy by setting fire toseparable transitiveThe farmer burned down the old barn.
    burn updestroy by fireseparable transitiveThe fire burned my files up.
    butt inbecome involved unwantedlyintransitiveMy mother-in-law always butts in.
    butt out ofstop involvementinseparable transitiveButt out of my business.
    buy uppurchase allseparable transitiveThe college students bought up all the beer.


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