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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: C

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: C

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    call fordeserve, warrantinseparable transitiveYour success calls for a celebration.
    call offcancelseparable transitiveThe boss called the meeting off.
    call onvisit for a short period of timeinseparable transitiveWe called on our ailing neighbors.
    call outchallenge to a fight, challenge the truthfulness ofseparable transitiveThe student called the teacher out about the wrong answer.
    calm downstop feeling strong emotionsintransitiveThe baby finally calmed down.
    cancel outhave the opposite effectseparable transitiveThe payments canceled the debt out.
    capitalize onto use to an advantageinseparable transitiveThe crook capitalized on the confusion.
    carry offsucceedseparable transitiveI can carry off the look.
    carry oncontinueintransitiveLife carries on as usual.
    carry outcompleteseparable transitiveThe criminals carried out the nefarious plan.
    carry overextend from one situation to the nextseparable transitivePersonal problems often carry over into the workplace.
    cart offtake awayseparable transitiveThe police carted the criminal off.
    cash in onmake money from, take advantage ofinseparable transitiveHe cashed in on the sale.
    catch onbecome popularintransitiveThat style will never catch on.
    catch up onlearn about the latest news, information, or gossipinseparable transitiveTalk to Sue to catch up on the juicy gossip.
    check outinvestigateseparable transitiveCheck out the new teacher.
    check outborrow from a libraryseparable transitiveI want to check a book out./td>
    cheer upmake feel betterseparable transitiveTry to cheer her up.
    chew outchastise, criticizeseparable transitiveHe chewed me out.
    chew overthink aboutseparable transitiveChew the idea over.
    chicken outdecide not to do something out of fearintransitiveHe chickened out of the fight.
    chill outrelaxintransitiveSome people just cannot chill out.
    chime insuddenly say somethingintransitiveShe never chimes in during meetings.
    chip inhelp by offering money or other assistanceinseparable transitiveHe chipped in a few bucks.
    choke downeat something unwillinglyseparable transitiveThe child choked down the vegetables.
    choke upbecome unable to speakintransitiveShe choked up during the memorial service.
    clean outclean the insideseparable transitiveShe cleaned the closet out.
    clean upmake something clean, organizeseparable transitiveShe cleaned the file cabinet up.
    clear upmake tidy, make betterseparable transitiveThe medicine cleared the rash up.
    cloud overbecome covered with clouds, become negativeintransitiveHis face clouded over with worry.
    clown aroundbehave in a silly mannerintransitiveHe is always clowning around when he should be serious.
    come acrossdiscover by chanceinseparable transitiveI came across the book while organizing the shelves.
    come atmove towards, often aggressivelyinseparable transitiveThe dog came at me.
    come beforeprecedeinseparable transitiveThe chicken came before the egg.
    come outreveal the truthintransitiveHe came out about his crimes.
    conk outstop working, fall asleepintransitiveMy car conked out last week.
    cook upmake quickly, inventinseparable transitiveThe criminal cooked up a new scheme.
    cop outavoid doing somethingintransitiveThe investor copped out at the last minute.
    cough upprovideseparable transitiveHe coughed up the money.
    count againstmake something more like to failinseparable transitiveHer inexperience will count against her.
    count inincludeseparable transitiveCount me in.
    count ontrustinseparable transitiveYou can count on me.
    cover uphideseparable transitiveThe police covered up the crime.
    crack uplaugh a lot suddenly; become mentally illintransitiveShe cracked up at the joke.
    crank upincrease, improveseparable transitiveThe company cranked up production.
    crop upariseintransitiveMore problems have cropped up.
    cut backreduceseparable transitiveThe company cut production back.


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