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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: F

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: F

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    face offdisagree and fight about somethingintransitiveThe bride and the groom faced off over the cake flavor.
    face up toacknowledge something difficult or embarrassinginseparable transitiveShe faced up to the truth.
    factor inincludeseparable transitiveYou must factor taxes in.
    factor outexcludeseparable transitiveYou should factor any tips out.
    fade awaybefore less strong before disappearingintransitiveHis fame just faded away.
    fade inbecome gradually louder, brighter, or clearerintransitiveThe sound of the traffic fades in during the early morning hours.
    fade outbecome gradually quieter, less bright, or less clearintransitiveThe picture faded out at the end of the film.
    fall apartbreak into piecesintransitiveThe cake fell apart during the car trip.
    fall back onuse as a last resortinseparable transitiveI can fall back on my writing if I lose my job.
    fall behindgo slower than scheduledintransitiveHe fell behind in his studies.
    fall forbecome attracted toinseparable transitiveHe fell for her hard.
    fall incollapseintransitiveThe roof of the mine fell in, killing the miners trapped inside.
    fall in withbecome friends with, joininseparable transitiveShe fell in with a bad crowd.
    fall offdecreaseintransitiveProfits fell off after the holidays.
    fall out withhave an argument withinseparable transitiveWe fell out with our family after we got married.
    fall throughfail to happenintransitiveOur weekend plans fell through.
    fall tobecome someone’s responsibilityinseparable transitiveHis duties fell to me when he left.
    fan outmove awayintransitiveThe search team fanned out over the area.
    fancy upmake more attractiveseparable transitiveYou should fancy your house up before trying to sell.
    fatten upgive more of something to increase sizeseparable transitiveI advise you to fatten up your retirement fund.
    feel outaccess the situationseparable transitiveHe felt his boss out before asking for a raise.
    feel upgropeseparable transitiveA pervert felt me up on the train.
    feel up tohave the energy or desire to do somethinginseparable transitiveHe feels up to taking a walk around the block.
    ferret outfind by searching forseparable transitiveThe spy ferreted the information out of the attractive blonde.
    fiddle aroundwaste timeintransitiveHe fiddled around all afternoon.
    figure onexpectinseparable transitiveI figure on fifteen people attending the party.
    figure outsolve, understandseparable transitiveThe child figured the problem out.
    fill incompleteseparable transitivePlease fill all the blanks in on the test.
    fill insubstituteintransitiveWho will fill in when you are out?
    fill in forsubstitute forinseparable transitiveHe filled in for me when I was sick.
    fill outcompleteseparable transitivePlease fill the application out.
    fill outbecome bigger or strongerintransitiveThe young man has really filled out.
    filter outremove unwanted substancesseparable transitiveFilter the impurities out with a colander.
    find outdiscoverseparable transitiveThe police will found out the truth.
    finish offcompleteseparable transitiveThe sad woman finished the ice cream off.
    finish upfinally completeseparable transitiveThe child finished his homework up.
    fire upmake excitedseparable transitiveThe cheerleaders fired up the crowd.
    firm uptone, make more solidseparable transitiveWe firmed up the agreement.
    fish forattempt to make someone say or do somethinginseparable transitiveThat insecure woman always fishes for compliments.
    fix uprepair, renovate, remodelseparable transitiveGrandpa fixed the old truck up.
    flag downattempt to stop by wavingseparable transitiveThe businessman flagged a taxi down.
    flake out oncancel at the last minuteinseparable transitiveMy boyfriend flaked out on our date again.
    flesh outadd more details toseparable transitiveThe writer fleshed out his story.
    flip offgive the middle fingerseparable transitiveHe flipped me off.
    fluff upmake appear bigger or betterseparable transitiveShe fluffed her report up with needless information.
    flush outforce something or someone out of hidingseparable transitiveThe police flushed the culprit out.
    follow through (with)completeintransitiveHe never follows through with his promises.
    fool aroundwaste timeintransitiveStop fooling around!
    fork overgive unwillinglyseparable transitiveFork over the cash!
    free upmake availableseparable transitiveCan you free up some time for me?
    freeze outexcludeseparable transitiveHer former friends froze her out.
    freeze upsuddenly become afraidintransitiveShe froze up during her speech.
    freshen upmake cleaner or more attractiveseparable transitiveShe freshened her bathroom up with some new paint.
    frown ondisapprove of, condemninseparable transitiveThe administration frowns on student-teacher relationships.
    fuck overtreat badlyseparable transitiveMy boss fucked me over at the meeting.
    fuck upmess up, damage, spoilseparable transitiveHe fucked the report up.
    fuss atcomplain about something or someone repeatedly and annoyinginseparable transitiveMy mom fussed at me all night about my new wardrobe.


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