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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: G

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: G

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    gain onget closer toinseparable transitiveThe police are gaining on the bad guys.
    gang up againstform a group with the intentions of attackinseparable transitiveMy town ganged up against drugs.
    gang up onform a group with the intentions of attackinseparable transitiveThe bullies always gang up on him.
    gas upput fuel inseparable transitiveGas the car up before you leave.
    gear up (for)prepare forintransitiveThe committee is gearing up for the festival.
    get acrosssuccessfully communicate, conveyseparable transitiveYou can get across only so much in writing as opposed to speech.
    get afterchase, attempt to convince another to move into actioninseparable transitiveI need to get after my daughter about picking up her toys.
    get aheadmake progress, be successfulintransitiveShe finally got ahead at work.
    get ahead ofsurpassinseparable transitiveI got ahead of my goals.
    get along (with)have a good relationshipintransitiveMy dog gets along with my cat.
    get aroundgo many placesinseparable transitiveShe really gets around.
    get atreach, obtaininseparable transitiveI am determined to get at the truth.
    get awayescapeintransitiveThe robbers got away.
    get away withsucceed without being caught, do something against the rules without getting caughtinseparable transitiveHe got away with murder.
    get backreturnintransitiveWhat time did you get back yesterday?
    get back atretaliateinseparable transitiveThe little girl got back at the bully.
    get back (to)return tointransitiveI need to get back to my studies.
    get bysurviveintransitiveMy family can get by on a budget.
    get by (with)survive withintransitiveYou can get by with a flip phone.
    get down onfeel bad about, criticizeinseparable transitiveHe really got down on himself.
    get down toget serious about a topicinseparable transitiveWe need to get down to business.
    get inenterinseparable transitiveGet in the bathtub!
    get intodiscuss in detailinseparable transitiveI do not want to get into the specifics right now.
    get in onbecome involvedinseparable transitiveMy uncle got in on the great deal.
    get offremoveseparable transitivePlease get the stain off my skirt.
    get offleave, exitinseparable transitiveGet off the back of the couch.
    get off onbecome excited byinseparable transitiveShe gets off on buying new shoes.
    get onput onseparable transitiveGet your coat on before you go outside.
    get onenterinseparable transitiveGet on the airplane.
    get on withcontinueinseparable transitiveGet on with your boring story.
    get out ofexitinseparable transitiveGet out of the closet.
    get overrecoverinseparable transitiveI finally got over my cold.
    get throughcompleteinseparable transitiveHe got through the entire exam.
    get throughpenetrateinseparable transitiveWe need a stronger drill to get through the concrete.
    get through tomake contact withinseparable transitiveI can never get through to customer service.
    get together (with)informally meetintransitiveMy daughter and your son should get together sometime.
    get uprise, cause to riseseparable transitiveMy daughter got me up at the crack of dawn.
    get upawake and get out of bedintransitiveWhat time did you get up this morning?
    give awayrelinquish control, give as a giftseparable transitiveShe gave the money away to charity.
    give backreturnseparable transitiveGive the book back to the library.
    give back tomake compensation to, pay backinseparable transitiveHe gives back to his community during the holidays.
    give instop trying, surrenderintransitiveThe enemy gave up last night.
    give offreleaseinseparable transitiveThe turkey is giving off a terribly rancid smell.
    give outdistributeseparable transitiveGive the worksheet out to each student in class.
    give outbreak down, stop workingintransitiveMy car gave out on the drive home last night.
    glaze overstop showing emotionsintransitiveHis eyes glazed over during the boring meeting.
    gnaw atbotherinseparable transitiveHis plight is gnawing at my conscious.
    go aboutstart to deal with somethinginseparable transitiveHow should we go about the problem?
    go againstdisobey, challengeinseparable transitiveYour decision not to vaccinate goes against medication recommendations.
    go awayleaveintransitiveOur annoying houseguests finally went away.
    go back (to)returnintransitiveI want to go back to Yellowstone someday.
    go beforehappen previouslyintransitiveWhatever went before is no longer relevant.
    go bypassinseparable transitiveHe goes by the coffee shop every morning.
    go back onnot keep a promise or commitment, renegeinseparable transitiveShe always goes back on her promises.
    go downdecreaseintransitiveThe cost of diapers may so go down.
    go downdescendinseparable transitiveGo down the stairs and turn left.
    go downhappenintransitiveWhat went down last night?
    go forattempt, try to achieveinseparable transitiveI intend to go for the gold.
    go forwardproceedintransitiveThe meeting will go forward as planned.
    go offexplode, detonateintransitiveThe bomb could go off at any second.
    go offstart, beginintransitiveMy alarm clock went off early this morning.
    go offstopintransitiveThe lights went off because of the storm.
    go offbecome angryintransitiveHer husband went off when she told him the price of the shoes.
    go on (with)continueintransitivePlease go on with your story.
    go onhappenintransitiveWhat went on here last night?
    go outstopintransitiveThe massive fire finally went out because of the rain.
    go outpartake in social activities, usually at nightintransitiveDo you want to go out this weekend?
    go out withdateinseparable transitiveIs she really going out with him?
    go overreviewinseparable transitiveI want to go over my notes before the meeting.
    go overbe well receivedintransitiveYour planned seemed to go over with the executives.
    go throughexamine in detailinseparable transitiveI need to go through all my daughter’s old baby clothes.
    go throughendureinseparable transitiveHe has gone through a lot in his short life.
    go through withcontinue, proceedinseparable transitiveThe general decided to go through with the ill-conceived plan.
    go withmatchinseparable transitiveThat skirt goes with those shoes.
    go withaccompanyinseparable transitiveMy husband is going with my daughter to the dance.
    go withdateinseparable transitiveJenn is going with Ron.
    go withoutabstain frominseparable transitiveI can go without cable with not internet.
    go undergo out of business, failintransitiveThat new restaurant went under after just a few weeks.
    gobble upeat or consume quickly and enthusiasticallyseparable transitiveMy daughter gobbled the squash up.
    gross outfind disgusting or unpleasantseparable transitiveWhiskey grosses me out.
    grow apartgradually become less friendlyintransitiveChildhood friends often grow apart with age.
    grow intobecome big enoughinseparable transitiveMy daughter has grown into the next size up.
    grow onbecome more and more likeableinseparable transitiveThe song grew on me.
    grow out ofbecome too smallinseparable transitiveMy daughter has grown out of her baby clothes.
    grow upmatureintransitiveMy daughter is growing up too quickly.
    gun downshoot to killseparable transitiveThe sniper gunned the suspect down.
    gussy upclean up, make fancierseparable transitiveShe gussied herself up for the party.


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