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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: H

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: H

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    hack intoenter illegally (usually electronic equipment)inseparable transitiveCriminals hacked into my computer.
    hammer away atwork hard and diligentlyinseparable transitiveThe little girl hammered away at the puzzle.
    hammer outwork outseparable transitiveThe committee hammered the details out.
    hand backreturnseparable transitiveThe professor handed the essays back yesterday.
    hand downpronounce formallyseparable transitiveThe judge will hand his decision down tonight.
    hand downgive as an inheritanceseparable transitiveWhen my daughter outgrows her clothes, I hand them down to her cousins.
    hand insubmitseparable transitiveYou must hand your test in by noon.
    hand outdistributeseparable transitiveYou should hand the fliers out at school.
    hand overrelinquish control ofseparable transitiveHand your license over to the court.
    hang aroundstay in a placeinseparable transitiveShe hangs around the library all day.
    hang backnot move forwardsintransitiveThe shy woman hung back at the party.
    hang upsuspendseparable transitiveYou can hang your coat up on the hook by the door.
    hang upend a telephone callseparable transitiveDo not hang the phone up!
    hang outstay in a placeintransitiveDo you want to hang out at the mall tonight?
    hanker forwant very muchinseparable transitiveI hankered for water while pregnant.
    hark atcriticizeinseparable transitiveMom harked at me again.
    hark back tolook or turn to the pastinseparable transitiveHis new movies hark back to his first films.
    harp ontalk about incessantly and annoyinginseparable transitiveShe is always harping on the educational system.
    hash outdecide in detailseparable transitiveMy coworkers hashed out the details.
    haul offremove, take awayseparable transitiveThe cops hauled the criminal off.
    have onwearseparable transitiveDo you have your hiking boots on?
    have overinvite as a guestseparable transitiveThanks for having me over!
    haze overbecome covered in fog or filmintransitiveThe afternoon sky hazed over.
    head offleaveintransitiveWe headed off for our vacation.
    head outleaveintransitiveCan we head out for the movie now?
    hear fromreceive news frominseparable transitiveHave your heard from Sam?
    hear ofknowinseparable transitiveHave you heard of phrasal verbs?
    heat upmake hotseparable transitiveI will heat the leftovers up for dinner.
    heave upliftseparable transitiveHelp me heave the dresser up.
    help outassistseparable transitiveCan you help me out tonight?
    hide outgo to a secret placeintransitiveThe bad guys hid out in a cave.
    hike upincreaseseparable transitiveStores have hiked prices up recently.
    hinge ondepend on, be subject toinseparable transitiveThe outcome hinges on the weather.
    hint atsuggestinseparable transitiveThe witness hinted at the truth.
    hit ondiscover by accidentinseparable transitiveShe hit on the solution in the meeting.
    hit onflirt withinseparable transitiveThat creepy man always hits on me.
    hold backrestrain, not allow to advanceseparable transitiveHold me back!
    hold downkeep, maintain, retainseparable transitiveMy brother cannot hold a job down.
    hold offrestrain, delayseparable transitiveThe archers will hold the enemy off.
    hold off ondelayinseparable transitiveHold off on buying a new car.
    hold on tograsp tightlyinseparable transitiveHold on to the rope.
    hold outresistintransitiveWho can hold out longer: husbands or wives?
    hold out againstresistinseparable transitiveThe cavalry held out against the archers.
    hold updelayseparable transitiveAn accident held traffic up all afternoon.
    hold uprobseparable transitiveAn old woman held the bank up last week.
    hole uphide awayintransitiveThe dogs holed up under the bed.
    hollow outemptyseparable transitiveBeetles hollowed the log out.
    home in ongive a lot of attention toinseparable transitiveThe investigator homed in on the truth.
    hook upconnectseparable transitiveCan you hook me up with a new computer?
    horse aroundbehave silly or ridiculouslyintransitiveBoys often horse around.
    hunger forwant very muchinseparable transitiveI hunger for knowledge.
    hunt upmanage to findseparable transitiveCan you hunt the number up?
    hurry alongmake go more quicklyseparable transitiveCan you hurry your husband along?
    hurry upmake go more quicklyseparable transitiveCan you hurry your children up?
    hush upsuppress, make quietseparable transitiveThe woman will hush the truth up.
    hype upmake seem importantseparable transitivePublic relations hyped up the movie.


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