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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: L

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: L

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    lace uptieseparable transitiveThe child laced her shoes up.
    ladle outserve, giveseparable transitiveThe comedian ladled some bad jokes out.
    lap upconsume quicklyseparable transitiveThe dog lapped the food up.
    lash outcriticize angrilyintransitiveMy boss lashed out at me.
    latch on (to)attachintransitiveThe baby latched on to the nipple.
    laugh offlaugh about to make seem less importantseparable transitiveShe laughed the criticism off.
    launch intostart (usually quickly or immediately)inseparable transitiveHe launched into his work.
    lay awaysaveseparable transitiveLay the gift away for later.
    lay downestablishseparable transitiveThe teacher laid the classroom rules down.
    lay in onscold, criticizeinseparable transitiveMom laid in on me for being late.
    lay intoscold, criticizeinseparable transitiveThe cop laid into the delinquents.
    lay offsuspend from a jobseparable transitiveThe company laid a dozen workers off.
    lay outarrange, explainseparable transitiveCan you lay the rules for the project out?
    lazy aboutrelaxintransitiveI plan to lazy about on my day off.
    lazy aroundrelaxintransitiveHe lazied around last Saturday.
    lead onencourage (usually negatively)separable transitiveThe other kids often lead him on.
    lead onmake believe a falsehoodseparable transitiveHe led me on with his extravagant story.
    leaf throughlook at quickly and not in detailinseparable transitiveShe leafed through the magazine.
    lean ondepend oninseparable transitiveYou can lean on me.
    leap ateagerly acceptinseparable transitiveShe leaped at the opportunity.
    leap out atbe noticeable immediatelyinseparable transitiveThe errors leapt out at me.
    leave offstop an activityintransitiveThe sequel begins where the first movie leaves off.
    leave outexclude, omitseparable transitiveShe left some names out of her story.
    lend outallow to borrowseparable transitiveShe never lends her books out.
    let downdisappointseparable transitiveHer husband let her down again.
    let downlengthen, releaseseparable transitiveLet the window shades down at dusk.
    let inallow insideseparable transitivePlease let the cat in.
    let offnot punish, not make doseparable transitiveThe judge let the man off.
    let on (about)hint aboutintransitiveHe let on about the secret party.
    let outreleaseseparable transitiveWho let the dogs out?
    let outmake biggerseparable transitiveCan you let my skirt out around the waist?
    let uplessen, weakenintransitiveThe storm finally let up after midnight.
    level offeven outseparable transitiveThe prices finally leveled off.
    level withtell the truth, come cleaninseparable transitiveLet me level with you.
    lie aheadexist in the futureintransitiveDark times lie ahead.
    lie aroundlounge, relaxintransitiveShe lies around all day.
    lie downrest, reclineintransitiveGrandma needs to lie down.
    lie withremains, stays, be responsible forinseparable transitiveThe blames lies with the company.
    lift offleave the groundintransitiveThe spaceship lifts off tomorrow.
    light upilluminateseparable transitiveThe fireworks lit the sky up.
    light upsmokeseparable transitiveShe lit up cigarette after cigarette.
    lighten upbe less seriousseparable transitiveCan we lighten the situation up?
    limber upstretchseparable transitiveMy trainer limbered me up.
    line upform a lineseparable transitiveThe children lined up for recess.
    link upconnectseparable transitiveCan you link the two webpages up?
    listen in (on)secretly listenintransitiveThe spy listened in on the conversation.
    listen out formake an effort to hear a noiseinseparable transitiveListen out for the phone please.
    listen upused as a command to make someone listenintransitiveListen up, students!
    live downforget, recover, get overseparable transitiveJoe will never live down the embarrassment.
    live up tomaintain expectations, keep a standardinseparable transitiveI can never live up to your unrealistic ideals.
    load downburden, coverseparable transitiveThe loaded the car down with salt bags.
    load upfill fullseparable transitiveMom loaded the fridge up with goodies.
    loan outlend, allow to borrowseparable transitiveThe library loans iPads out.
    lock awayput away for safe keeping, imprisonseparable transitiveI locked my fortune away in the bank.
    lock inprevent from leavingseparable transitiveThe janitor locked me in.
    lock ontoattach to, put in focusinseparable transitiveShe locked on to a career in medicine.
    lock outprevent from enteringseparable transitiveDad locked me out of the house again.
    lock upput away for safe keeping, imprisonseparable transitiveThe judge locked the prison up.
    log instart using (usually an electronic device)separable transitiveLog me in to the program.
    log offfinish using (usually an electronic device)separable transitiveThe teacher logged me off the computer.
    log onstart using (usually an electronic device)separable transitiveLog on your computer.
    log ontostart using (usually an electronic device)separable transitiveLog onto the computer.
    log outfinish using (usually an electronic device)separable transitiveStudents must log out of the program before the bell rings.
    look aftercare forinseparable transitiveWill you look after my dogs this weekend?
    look back onrememberinseparable transitiveNever look back on your failures.
    look down onconsider inferiorinseparable transitiveShe looks down on poor people.
    look forward toanticipate with pleasureinseparable transitiveI am looking forward to my vacation.
    look intoinvestigateinseparable transitiveCan you look into the situation for me?
    look onobserveintransitiveThe man looked on in disbelief.
    look out (for)be careful, pay attention, heed a certain dangerintransitiveLook out for bears and cougars on your hike.
    look overexamine, reviewseparable transitiveWould you look over my essay for mistakes?
    look upresearch, investigate, searchseparable transitiveThe librarian will help you look the information up.
    look uplocate and visitseparable transitiveLook me up next time you are in town.
    look up torespect, admireinseparable transitiveShe looks up to her father.
    loosen upmake less tightseparable transitiveLoosen your muscles up before exercising.
    lop offcut, reduceseparable transitiveI lopped my hair off.
    lounge aroundrelaxintransitiveShe lounged around by the pool.
    luck outbe very luckyintransitiveYou lucked out on that traffic citation.
    lump togethergroupseparable transitiveThe grocer lumped the fruit together.
    lust afterfeel desireinseparable transitiveSome men lust after sports cars.


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