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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: Q

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: Q

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    queue upstand in line, form a lineintransitiveThe pupils queued up before class.
    quiet downbe quiet, cause to be quietseparable transitiveBreastfeeding quieted the baby down instantly.
    quit onstop working forinseparable transitiveMy babysitter quit on me last night.


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