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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: T

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: T

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    tack onadd (usually unplanned)separable transitiveShe tacked the appendix on.
    tag alonggo with, accompanyintransitiveThe little boy tagged along.
    tail backform a long lineseparable transitiveAn accident tailed traffic back for miles.
    tail offbecome quieter and then stopintransitiveHer rant tailed off.
    take abacktake by surprise, surpriseseparable transitiveHis statement took me aback.
    take afterresembleinseparable transitiveMy daughter takes after her father.
    take apartdisassembleseparable transitiveThe child took the toy apart.
    take awayremoveseparable transitiveThe soldiers took the captives away.
    take backreturn, retractseparable transitiveCan you take the dress back?
    take downwrite, recordseparable transitiveMy secretary will take my messages down while I am away.
    take downremove (usually to a lower position)separable transitivePlease take the box down from the closet shelf.
    take inlearn, absorbseparable transitiveDid you take all the information from class in?
    take indeceiveseparable transitiveThe con artist took her in.
    take inmake smallerseparable transitiveCan you take my skirt in a bit?
    take offleave the groundintransitiveThe rocket takes off a noon tomorrow.
    take offremoveseparable transitiveMy daughter can take her own dress off now.
    take offleave for a period of timeseparable transitiveI took only six days off last year.
    take offleaveintransitiveThe rude guest took off before dessert.
    take onacceptseparable transitiveShe took too much responsibility on.
    take outtake on a dateseparable transitiveMy husband took me out last night.
    take overassume responsibilityseparable transitiveMy brother took the company over.
    take upbegin, startseparable transitiveI want to take up a new hobby.
    take updiscuss at a later dateseparable transitiveYou should take the issue up at the next meeting.
    take upshortenseparable transitiveCan you take my dress up few inches.
    take upoccupy spaceseparable transitiveThe mixer takes too much space up on the counter.
    take up withbecome friendly withinseparable transitiveMy daughter has taken up with your son after school.
    talk back (to)argue, retortintransitiveSome children talk back to the teacher.
    talk down topatronize, speak condescendinglyinseparable transitiveHe talks down to women.
    talk outdiscussseparable transitiveWe can talk the issue out.
    talk overdiscussseparable transitiveCan we talk the problem over tomorrow morning?
    tamp downpress, flattenseparable transitiveShe tamped the dirt in her garden down.
    tap intostart usinginseparable transitiveHe finally tapped into his college fund.
    tape upfasten with tapeseparable transitiveShe taped the box up.
    taper downminimize gradually, become less graduallyseparable transitiveHe tapered his duties at work down.
    taper offminimize gradually, become less graduallyintransitiveSpending has tapered off.
    team upform a group or teamseparable transitiveThe teacher teamed us up.
    tear apartrip into small pieces, destroyseparable transitiveThe child tore the magazine apart.
    tear downdestroy, raze, demolishseparable transitiveThe city tore the old building down.
    tear intocriticizeinseparable transitiveMy boss tore into me.
    tear offremove a pieceseparable transitiveI tore the mattress tag off.
    tear uprip into small pieces, destroyseparable transitiveHis puppy tore the sofa up.
    tease outtry to understand, make clearseparable transitiveThe teacher teased the meaning of the essay out.
    tee offstart playing golfintransitiveThe golfers teed off at nine.
    tee offannoyseparable transitiveWaiting in line tees me off.
    teem downrain heavilyintransitiveRain teemed down all day.
    teem withcontain a large amountinseparable transitiveThe plaza is teeming with teenage girls.
    tell offcriticizeseparable transitiveThe cop told the teenagers off for speeding.
    tell onreportinseparable transitiveMy older brother told on me again.
    tense upbecome tenseseparable transitiveThe dog tensed its jaw up.
    test outassess, check, experimentseparable transitiveShe tested the new procedure out.
    thaw outmake warmer, become warmerseparable transitiveI thawed the Thanksgiving turkey out.
    thin downmake less thickseparable transitiveThe cook thinned the soup down.
    thin outmake less numerous, make fewer, remove someseparable transitiveThe gardener thinned the seedlings out.
    think back (on)recallintransitiveLet me think back on the night in question.
    think overconsiderseparable transitiveLet me think the suggestion over.
    think throughconsider carefullyseparable transitiveShe thought the proposal through last night.
    think upcreateseparable transitiveThe child thought an imaginative story up.
    throttle backreduceseparable transitiveYou should throttle your efforts back.
    throw awaydiscard, dispose ofseparable transitiveThrow the ripped shirt away.
    throw downfightintransitiveThe two mean girls threw down after school.
    throw offmess up, interfereseparable transitiveMy headache threw my concentration off.
    throw outdiscard, dispose ofseparable transitiveThrow the broken toy out.
    throw outremove my forceseparable transitiveThe bouncer threw him out.
    throw outinjureseparable transitiveMy husband threw his back out.
    throw togetherarrange or create (usually at last minute)separable transitiveI threw a small party together.
    throw upvomitseparable transitiveThe child threw the spoiled milk up.
    tick offanger, annoyseparable transitiveRude patrons tick me off.
    tick offlist quicklyseparable transitiveThe manager ticked my new duties off.
    tidy upclean, organizeseparable transitiveShe tidied her room up.
    tie downfastenseparable transitiveHe tied the picnic table down.
    tie inrelateseparable transitiveCan you tie chapter two in better?
    tie upfasten securelyseparable transitiveTie the boat up before the storm.
    tighten upmake more secureseparable transitiveShe tightened her introduction up.
    tip offwarnseparable transitiveThe informant tipped the police off.
    tip overcause to fall to the sideseparable transitiveThe child tipped the vase over.
    tire outexhaustseparable transitivePlaying all day tired the child out.
    toddle offleaveintransitiveShe toddled off in the middle of the conversation.
    tone downminimize, dilute, moderate, softenseparable transitiveTone your angry email to your boss down.
    tone upmake firmer or stronger (usually with exercise)separable transitiveTone your stomach up with crunches.
    top offcompleteseparable transitiveTop my milkshake off with a cherry.
    topple overcause to fallseparable transitiveThe wind toppled the oak tree over.
    toss downdrink, consumeseparable transitiveHe tossed another beer down.
    toss offwrite or do quicklyseparable transitiveShe tossed the essay off.
    toss upvomitseparable transitiveThe puppy tossed the cookie up.
    total upsum, summarizeseparable transitiveHe totaled the numbers up.
    total up toequalinseparable transitiveThe charges total up to more than I can afford.
    touch ondiscuss briefly, mentioninseparable transitiveThe lecture touched on the Middle East.
    touch upmake final improvementsseparable transitiveThe painted touched the trim up.
    toughen upmake stronger, become strongerseparable transitiveDaily exercise will toughen you up.
    tower overbe more successfulinseparable transitiveHer accomplishments tower over mine.
    toy withconsiderinseparable transitiveI am toying with the idea.
    toy withmess with, teaseinseparable transitiveStop toying with my emotions.
    track downfind after searchingseparable transitiveHer old boyfriend tracked her down.
    trail awayfadeintransitiveHer fame and fortune trailed away.
    trick outdecorateseparable transitiveHe tricked his house out for the holidays.
    trip upmake a mistake, cause to make a mistakeseparable transitiveThe first question on the exam tripped me up.
    try onbriefly put on clothing, testseparable transitiveShe tried the bra on in the store.
    try outtestseparable transitiveHe tried the new recipe out.
    tuck inpush insideseparable transitiveShe tucked her blouse in.
    tuck intostart eatinginseparable transitiveThe children tucked into the meal.
    tucker outexhaust, make tiredseparable transitiveHiking all day tuckered the adventurers out.
    tune upwarm up, make betterseparable transitiveThe conductor tuned the band up.
    turn aroundreverse directionseparable transitiveThe driver turned the bus around.
    turn awayrefuse service or entranceseparable transitiveThe bouncer turned the drunk men away.
    turn downrefuseseparable transitiveThe woman turned the man down for a date.
    turn downlower the volumeseparable transitivePlease turn the radio down.
    turn downpull back the covers of a bedseparable transitiveRoom service can turn the bed down.
    turn insubmitseparable transitiveYou must turn your essay in today.
    turn ingo to bedintransitiveI plan to turn in before midnight.
    turn intotransforminseparable transitiveThe frog turned into a prince.
    turn offstopseparable transitiveHe turned the television off.
    turn onstartseparable transitiveShe turned the television on.
    turn onattack unexpectedlyinseparable transitiveThe students turned on the teacher.
    turn oncause sexual arousal or excitementseparable transitiveFeet turn some men on.
    turn outproduceseparable transitiveThe company turns out twenty doodads an hour.
    turn outextinguishseparable transitivePlease turn the light out when you leave.
    turn outarrive, show upintransitiveThousands of people turned out for the protest.
    turn outend up, transpire, resultintransitiveThe man turned out to be the murderer.
    turn overgive (usually to the authorities)separable transitiveThe witness turned the recording over to the police.
    turn upincrease in volumeseparable transitiveCan you turn the radio up?
    turn upappear unexpectedlyintransitiveMy long lost uncle turned up last night.
    type outproduce in printseparable transitiveHe typed his essay out.
    type upproduce in printseparable transitiveShe typed the email up.


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