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Phrasal Verb Dictionary: T

Phrasal Verb Dictionary: T

Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.



Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

Phrasal Verb Definition Category Example
tack on add (usually unplanned) separable transitive She tacked the appendix on.
tag along go with, accompany intransitive The little boy tagged along.
tail back form a long line separable transitive An accident tailed traffic back for miles.
tail off become quieter and then stop intransitive Her rant tailed off.
take aback take by surprise, surprise separable transitive His statement took me aback.
take after resemble inseparable transitive My daughter takes after her father.
take apart disassemble separable transitive The child took the toy apart.
take away remove separable transitive The soldiers took the captives away.
take back return, retract separable transitive Can you take the dress back?
take down write, record separable transitive My secretary will take my messages down while I am away.
take down remove (usually to a lower position) separable transitive Please take the box down from the closet shelf.
take in learn, absorb separable transitive Did you take all the information from class in?
take in deceive separable transitive The con artist took her in.
take in make smaller separable transitive Can you take my skirt in a bit?
take off leave the ground intransitive The rocket takes off a noon tomorrow.
take off remove separable transitive My daughter can take her own dress off now.
take off leave for a period of time separable transitive I took only six days off last year.
take off leave intransitive The rude guest took off before dessert.
take on accept separable transitive She took too much responsibility on.
take out take on a date separable transitive My husband took me out last night.
take over assume responsibility separable transitive My brother took the company over.
take up begin, start separable transitive I want to take up a new hobby.
take up discuss at a later date separable transitive You should take the issue up at the next meeting.
take up shorten separable transitive Can you take my dress up few inches.
take up occupy space separable transitive The mixer takes too much space up on the counter.
take up with become friendly with inseparable transitive My daughter has taken up with your son after school.
talk back (to) argue, retort intransitive Some children talk back to the teacher.
talk down to patronize, speak condescendingly inseparable transitive He talks down to women.
talk out discuss separable transitive We can talk the issue out.
talk over discuss separable transitive Can we talk the problem over tomorrow morning?
tamp down press, flatten separable transitive She tamped the dirt in her garden down.
tap into start using inseparable transitive He finally tapped into his college fund.
tape up fasten with tape separable transitive She taped the box up.
taper down minimize gradually, become less gradually separable transitive He tapered his duties at work down.
taper off minimize gradually, become less gradually intransitive Spending has tapered off.
team up form a group or team separable transitive The teacher teamed us up.
tear apart rip into small pieces, destroy separable transitive The child tore the magazine apart.
tear down destroy, raze, demolish separable transitive The city tore the old building down.
tear into criticize inseparable transitive My boss tore into me.
tear off remove a piece separable transitive I tore the mattress tag off.
tear up rip into small pieces, destroy separable transitive His puppy tore the sofa up.
tease out try to understand, make clear separable transitive The teacher teased the meaning of the essay out.
tee off start playing golf intransitive The golfers teed off at nine.
tee off annoy separable transitive Waiting in line tees me off.
teem down rain heavily intransitive Rain teemed down all day.
teem with contain a large amount inseparable transitive The plaza is teeming with teenage girls.
tell off criticize separable transitive The cop told the teenagers off for speeding.
tell on report inseparable transitive My older brother told on me again.
tense up become tense separable transitive The dog tensed its jaw up.
test out assess, check, experiment separable transitive She tested the new procedure out.
thaw out make warmer, become warmer separable transitive I thawed the Thanksgiving turkey out.
thin down make less thick separable transitive The cook thinned the soup down.
thin out make less numerous, make fewer, remove some separable transitive The gardener thinned the seedlings out.
think back (on) recall intransitive Let me think back on the night in question.
think over consider separable transitive Let me think the suggestion over.
think through consider carefully separable transitive She thought the proposal through last night.
think up create separable transitive The child thought an imaginative story up.
throttle back reduce separable transitive You should throttle your efforts back.
throw away discard, dispose of separable transitive Throw the ripped shirt away.
throw down fight intransitive The two mean girls threw down after school.
throw off mess up, interfere separable transitive My headache threw my concentration off.
throw out discard, dispose of separable transitive Throw the broken toy out.
throw out remove my force separable transitive The bouncer threw him out.
throw out injure separable transitive My husband threw his back out.
throw together arrange or create (usually at last minute) separable transitive I threw a small party together.
throw up vomit separable transitive The child threw the spoiled milk up.
tick off anger, annoy separable transitive Rude patrons tick me off.
tick off list quickly separable transitive The manager ticked my new duties off.
tidy up clean, organize separable transitive She tidied her room up.
tie down fasten separable transitive He tied the picnic table down.
tie in relate separable transitive Can you tie chapter two in better?
tie up fasten securely separable transitive Tie the boat up before the storm.
tighten up make more secure separable transitive She tightened her introduction up.
tip off warn separable transitive The informant tipped the police off.
tip over cause to fall to the side separable transitive The child tipped the vase over.
tire out exhaust separable transitive Playing all day tired the child out.
toddle off leave intransitive She toddled off in the middle of the conversation.
tone down minimize, dilute, moderate, soften separable transitive Tone your angry email to your boss down.
tone up make firmer or stronger (usually with exercise) separable transitive Tone your stomach up with crunches.
top off complete separable transitive Top my milkshake off with a cherry.
topple over cause to fall separable transitive The wind toppled the oak tree over.
toss down drink, consume separable transitive He tossed another beer down.
toss off write or do quickly separable transitive She tossed the essay off.
toss up vomit separable transitive The puppy tossed the cookie up.
total up sum, summarize separable transitive He totaled the numbers up.
total up to equal inseparable transitive The charges total up to more than I can afford.
touch on discuss briefly, mention inseparable transitive The lecture touched on the Middle East.
touch up make final improvements separable transitive The painted touched the trim up.
toughen up make stronger, become stronger separable transitive Daily exercise will toughen you up.
tower over be more successful inseparable transitive Her accomplishments tower over mine.
toy with consider inseparable transitive I am toying with the idea.
toy with mess with, tease inseparable transitive Stop toying with my emotions.
track down find after searching separable transitive Her old boyfriend tracked her down.
trail away fade intransitive Her fame and fortune trailed away.
trick out decorate separable transitive He tricked his house out for the holidays.
trip up make a mistake, cause to make a mistake separable transitive The first question on the exam tripped me up.
try on briefly put on clothing, test separable transitive She tried the bra on in the store.
try out test separable transitive He tried the new recipe out.
tuck in push inside separable transitive She tucked her blouse in.
tuck into start eating inseparable transitive The children tucked into the meal.
tucker out exhaust, make tired separable transitive Hiking all day tuckered the adventurers out.
tune up warm up, make better separable transitive The conductor tuned the band up.
turn around reverse direction separable transitive The driver turned the bus around.
turn away refuse service or entrance separable transitive The bouncer turned the drunk men away.
turn down refuse separable transitive The woman turned the man down for a date.
turn down lower the volume separable transitive Please turn the radio down.
turn down pull back the covers of a bed separable transitive Room service can turn the bed down.
turn in submit separable transitive You must turn your essay in today.
turn in go to bed intransitive I plan to turn in before midnight.
turn into transform inseparable transitive The frog turned into a prince.
turn off stop separable transitive He turned the television off.
turn on start separable transitive She turned the television on.
turn on attack unexpectedly inseparable transitive The students turned on the teacher.
turn on cause sexual arousal or excitement separable transitive Feet turn some men on.
turn out produce separable transitive The company turns out twenty doodads an hour.
turn out extinguish separable transitive Please turn the light out when you leave.
turn out arrive, show up intransitive Thousands of people turned out for the protest.
turn out end up, transpire, result intransitive The man turned out to be the murderer.
turn over give (usually to the authorities) separable transitive The witness turned the recording over to the police.
turn up increase in volume separable transitive Can you turn the radio up?
turn up appear unexpectedly intransitive My long lost uncle turned up last night.
type out produce in print separable transitive He typed his essay out.
type up produce in print separable transitive She typed the email up.


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