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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: U

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: U

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    Phrasal VerbDefinitionCategoryExample
    urge onencourageseparable transitiveMy husband urged me on during the race.
    use upuse all, expend, consume, exhaustseparable transitiveMy brother used all the good wrapping paper up.
    usher inintroduce, herald, announceseparable transitiveFootball games usher the autumn season in.


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