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Phrasal Verb Dictionary: W

Phrasal Verb Dictionary: W

Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.



Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

wade in start, enter intransitive She waded in at the beginning of the semester.
wade into start, enter inseparable transitive He waded into the controversy by accident.
wade through spend time doing (usually something difficult) inseparable transitive The teacher waded through the pile of essays.
wait on serve, provide service to inseparable transitive A new waitress waited on us today.
wait up stay up, not sleep intransitive My mom waited up for me.
wake up awaken separable transitive The loud noise woke the baby up.
wall up partition off, put up a barrier separable transitive The contractor walled the room off.
waltz in enter casually intransitive She waltzed in to the meeting late.
wander off leave without permission intransitive Small children often wander off.
ward off prevent, deflect separable transitive Eating a healthy diet wards many diseases off.
warm over discuss repeatedly to the point of annoyance separable transitive Politicians too often warm old politics over.
warm to become more enthusiastic about inseparable transitive He warmed to the idea.
warm up increase the temperature separable transitive Hot cider always warms me up during the winter.
warm up prepare separable transitive You should warm your body up before exercising vigorously.
warm up to start to like inseparable transitive He warmed up to the idea.
wash away remove separable transitive A glass of wine washed her sorrows away.
wash out clean the inside separable transitive She washed the sink out.
wash up clean (usually with water) separable transitive Can you wash the dishes up?
waste away wither intransitive The old movie star wasted away.
watch out (for) be careful intransitive The guard watched out for enemy spies.
watch over protect, care for inseparable transitive The shepherd watches over the sheep.
water down weaken, make thinner separable transitive The bartender watered the drinks down.
wave down signal to separable transitive She waved a police officer down.
wave on signal to leave separable transitive The traffic cop waved me on.
wean off gradually stop separable transitive The toddler weaned off the bottle.
wear down become thinner or smoother, become tired separable transitive Waves wore the rocks down.
wear in break in, become more comfortable separable transitive Wear your boots in before hiking all day.
wear off weaken, lessen, fade, diminish intransitive The medication wears off after two hours.
wear out use until no longer useable separable transitive The little boy wore his pants out.
wear out make tired, exhaust separable transitive My daughter wore me out today.
weasel out of avoid illegitimately inseparable transitive She weaseled out of her chores again.
weed out eliminate, reduce separable transitive The librarian weeded the old books out.
weigh down burden, depress, overload separable transitive All the stress at work weighs me down.
weigh on burden inseparable transitive The problems weigh on me.
weigh out measure (usually by weight) separable transitive She weighed the ingredients out.
well up (with) fill with intransitive Her eyes welled up with tears.
while away spend time in a relaxed way separable transitive She whiled the hours away.
whip out remove or expose suddenly or quickly separable transitive He whipped his wallet out.
whip through do something quickly inseparable transitive She whipped through her homework.
whip up create, mix separable transitive She whipped some cookies up.
whittle away at gradually reduce inseparable transitive He whittled away at his chores.
whittle down reduce separable transitive She whittled her wish list down.
win out finish on top intransitive Bad apples sometimes win out.
win over convince, persuade, convert separable transitive He finally won me over.
wind down finish separable transitive The organization winded its efforts down.
wind up finish separable transitive Can you wind your speech up soon?
wind up tighten (usually by turning) separable transitive I wound the watch up.
wind up cause to behave wildly separable transitive All that soda wound the kids up.
wipe off clean (usually by wiping) separable transitive She wiped the counters off.
wipe out clean inside separable transitive He wiped the refrigerator out.
wipe out massacre, destroy separable transitive The storm wiped the city out.
wipe out make tired, exhaust separable transitive Hiking all day wiped me out.
wipe up clean (usually by wiping ) separable transitive He wiped the mess up.
wise up become smarter, become more knowledgeable intransitive The students finally wised up.
wish away hope something goes away separable transitive You cannot just wish your problems away.
wolf down consume quickly separable transitive The dog wolfed its dinner down.
work against negate, oppose, counteract inseparable transitive Your lack of experience may work against you.
work around overcome inseparable transitive You can work around your inexperience with training.
work at try hard to achieve inseparable transitive He worked at graduating from college early.
work off get rid off separable transitive She worked the donuts off with extra exercise.
work out solve separable transitive She finally worked her problems out.
work out exercise intransitive He works out five days a week at the gym.
work out succeed, be successful intransitive Did your plan work out?
work over treat badly, beat separable transitive The mobsters worked the man over.
work up to gradually do more inseparable transitive He worked up to running a mile.
worm out of avoid sneakily inseparable transitive She wormed out of writing the report.
wrap up cover separable transitive He wrapped the gifts up.
wrap up finish separable transitive The students wrapped their studying up for the night.
wring out remove liquid by twisting separable transitive He wrung the towel out.
write down record (usually in writing) separable transitive She wrote the directions down.
write in record (usually in writing) separable transitive Let me write you in.
write off dismiss, disregard, abandon separable transitive Teachers wrote him off.
write out record (usually in writing) separable transitive She wrote her schedule for the week out.
write up prepare (usually in writing) separable transitive I still need to write the report for my boss up.


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