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    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: W

    Phrasal Verb Dictionary: W

    Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.

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    Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

    wade instart, enterintransitiveShe waded in at the beginning of the semester.
    wade intostart, enterinseparable transitiveHe waded into the controversy by accident.
    wade throughspend time doing (usually something difficult)inseparable transitiveThe teacher waded through the pile of essays.
    wait onserve, provide service toinseparable transitiveA new waitress waited on us today.
    wait upstay up, not sleepintransitiveMy mom waited up for me.
    wake upawakenseparable transitiveThe loud noise woke the baby up.
    wall uppartition off, put up a barrierseparable transitiveThe contractor walled the room off.
    waltz inenter casuallyintransitiveShe waltzed in to the meeting late.
    wander offleave without permissionintransitiveSmall children often wander off.
    ward offprevent, deflectseparable transitiveEating a healthy diet wards many diseases off.
    warm overdiscuss repeatedly to the point of annoyanceseparable transitivePoliticians too often warm old politics over.
    warm tobecome more enthusiastic aboutinseparable transitiveHe warmed to the idea.
    warm upincrease the temperatureseparable transitiveHot cider always warms me up during the winter.
    warm upprepareseparable transitiveYou should warm your body up before exercising vigorously.
    warm up tostart to likeinseparable transitiveHe warmed up to the idea.
    wash awayremoveseparable transitiveA glass of wine washed her sorrows away.
    wash outclean the insideseparable transitiveShe washed the sink out.
    wash upclean (usually with water)separable transitiveCan you wash the dishes up?
    waste awaywitherintransitiveThe old movie star wasted away.
    watch out (for)be carefulintransitiveThe guard watched out for enemy spies.
    watch overprotect, care forinseparable transitiveThe shepherd watches over the sheep.
    water downweaken, make thinnerseparable transitiveThe bartender watered the drinks down.
    wave downsignal toseparable transitiveShe waved a police officer down.
    wave onsignal to leaveseparable transitiveThe traffic cop waved me on.
    wean offgradually stopseparable transitiveThe toddler weaned off the bottle.
    wear downbecome thinner or smoother, become tiredseparable transitiveWaves wore the rocks down.
    wear inbreak in, become more comfortableseparable transitiveWear your boots in before hiking all day.
    wear offweaken, lessen, fade, diminishintransitiveThe medication wears off after two hours.
    wear outuse until no longer useableseparable transitiveThe little boy wore his pants out.
    wear outmake tired, exhaustseparable transitiveMy daughter wore me out today.
    weasel out ofavoid illegitimatelyinseparable transitiveShe weaseled out of her chores again.
    weed outeliminate, reduceseparable transitiveThe librarian weeded the old books out.
    weigh downburden, depress, overloadseparable transitiveAll the stress at work weighs me down.
    weigh onburdeninseparable transitiveThe problems weigh on me.
    weigh outmeasure (usually by weight)separable transitiveShe weighed the ingredients out.
    well up (with)fill withintransitiveHer eyes welled up with tears.
    while awayspend time in a relaxed wayseparable transitiveShe whiled the hours away.
    whip outremove or expose suddenly or quicklyseparable transitiveHe whipped his wallet out.
    whip throughdo something quicklyinseparable transitiveShe whipped through her homework.
    whip upcreate, mixseparable transitiveShe whipped some cookies up.
    whittle away atgradually reduceinseparable transitiveHe whittled away at his chores.
    whittle downreduceseparable transitiveShe whittled her wish list down.
    win outfinish on topintransitiveBad apples sometimes win out.
    win overconvince, persuade, convertseparable transitiveHe finally won me over.
    wind downfinishseparable transitiveThe organization winded its efforts down.
    wind upfinishseparable transitiveCan you wind your speech up soon?
    wind uptighten (usually by turning)separable transitiveI wound the watch up.
    wind upcause to behave wildlyseparable transitiveAll that soda wound the kids up.
    wipe offclean (usually by wiping)separable transitiveShe wiped the counters off.
    wipe outclean insideseparable transitiveHe wiped the refrigerator out.
    wipe outmassacre, destroyseparable transitiveThe storm wiped the city out.
    wipe outmake tired, exhaustseparable transitiveHiking all day wiped me out.
    wipe upclean (usually by wiping )separable transitiveHe wiped the mess up.
    wise upbecome smarter, become more knowledgeableintransitiveThe students finally wised up.
    wish awayhope something goes awayseparable transitiveYou cannot just wish your problems away.
    wolf downconsume quicklyseparable transitiveThe dog wolfed its dinner down.
    work againstnegate, oppose, counteractinseparable transitiveYour lack of experience may work against you.
    work aroundovercomeinseparable transitiveYou can work around your inexperience with training.
    work attry hard to achieveinseparable transitiveHe worked at graduating from college early.
    work offget rid offseparable transitiveShe worked the donuts off with extra exercise.
    work outsolveseparable transitiveShe finally worked her problems out.
    work outexerciseintransitiveHe works out five days a week at the gym.
    work outsucceed, be successfulintransitiveDid your plan work out?
    work overtreat badly, beatseparable transitiveThe mobsters worked the man over.
    work up togradually do moreinseparable transitiveHe worked up to running a mile.
    worm out ofavoid sneakilyinseparable transitiveShe wormed out of writing the report.
    wrap upcoverseparable transitiveHe wrapped the gifts up.
    wrap upfinishseparable transitiveThe students wrapped their studying up for the night.
    wring outremove liquid by twistingseparable transitiveHe wrung the towel out.
    write downrecord (usually in writing)separable transitiveShe wrote the directions down.
    write inrecord (usually in writing)separable transitiveLet me write you in.
    write offdismiss, disregard, abandonseparable transitiveTeachers wrote him off.
    write outrecord (usually in writing)separable transitiveShe wrote her schedule for the week out.
    write upprepare (usually in writing)separable transitiveI still need to write the report for my boss up.


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