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Genesis PoopsiesMy daughter is twenty-seven months old, so she is largely past the explosion stage with her dirty diapers. However, as an infant, I did find myself dealing with a few messy blowouts, both in disposable and cloth diapers. Even this past December when my daughter was recovering from a stomach illness, she had one huge messy diaper that required an entire outfit change. Thus, when Poopsies approached me about reviewing an innovative onesie that helps contain the messes of diaper blowouts, I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

Poopsies are unique onesies for babies that contain a special lining made of waterproof, breathable material that effectively protects against diaper leaks and blowouts, saving time and money for busy parents. At first glance, the onesies from Poopsies appear like typical onesies. However, the bottom half of the back of a Poopsies is lined with a waterproof material that prevents diaper blowouts. The unique waterproof lining in a Poopsies keeps diaper blowouts from getting out and ruining clothing.

I received a short-sleeve Genesis Poopsies in small. Genesis is a stylish, solid light-grey neutral Poopsies. The small size fits babies from birth through three months, although Poopsies warns that the onesies run larger than other brands. The hidden crotch snaps on the Genesis Poopsies are lined with yellow.

When I first received my Poopsies, I first noticed the softness of the material. The stretchy knit fabric is a super soft satiny smooth cotton-rayon blend. No other onesie that I have owned has felt so soft against my skin. I would definitely put a Poopsies on my baby based on the sheer softness of the fabric alone. Poopsies are also machine washable, hypoallergenic, and made in the United States.

Looking at my Poopsies from the outside, I do not notice any differences from other standard onesies. However, after turning the onesie inside out, I notice a second layer of fabric stitched into the bottom of the back of the garment. I can also hear and feel the waterproof layer when I fold the bottom half. The rest of the onesie is designed like other typical onesies.

Snaps of Genesis Poopsies Bottom of Genesis Poopsies


I really like the idea behind the Poopsies design. A waterproof lining in the bottom of the onesie protects the rest of an outfit against leaks and blowouts similar to the waterproof lining on a cloth diaper. Hopefully I will soon have my own little tester on which to try my Poopsies. The only downside that I can find is the price. At $32 each, my short-sleeve Genesis Poopsies is priced significantly higher than standard onesies. The long-sleeve version in the next size up costs $35. Despite the innovative design, I would be hesitant to buy very many onesies that my baby will quickly outgrow at such a higher price than I typically pay.

Hidden Waterproof Liner Stitching of Genesis Poopsies

Final Verdict: The design behind Poopsies is simple but ingenious: Add a waterproof layer to the back of a onesie to prevent leaks and blowouts from ruining the rest of an outfit. As a mother who has dealt with some pretty yucky diaper leaks, I definitely appreciate the design. I also love the super soft fabric of my Poopsies and am eager to try the onesie on any future babies. The only downside is the price, which is higher than most other standard onesies.


Update: My son has worn his Poopsies onesie a number of time. While I normally do not have problems with poop explosions leaking out of him cloth diapers, I often find myself changing his entire outfit after a moisture leak (usually because I went too long between diaper changes). Unlike regular onesies, the waterproof layer in the Poopsies does protect the rest of his clothing from leaks, so I do not have to change his entire outfit.

Will Wearing the Genesis Poopsies

For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Poopsies website. You can also follow Poopsies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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