Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Animal Families and Babies Lesson Plan

Animal Families and Babies Preschool Activities

Objective: To learn about animal families and babies


  • Do Squirrels Swarm? by Michael Dahl
  • Animal Babies on the Farm by Vicky Weber
  • Animal Babies in Rain Forests by Jennifer Schofield
  • Animal Babies in Grasslands by Jennifer Schofield
  • Animal Babies in Polar Lands by Jennifer Schofield
  • Animal Babies by Stephen Cartwright
  • Animal Babies by Bobbie Hamsa
  • Animal Babies from National Geographic Kids
  • Animal Babies ABC by Barbara Knox

Fine Motor Skills: Science page 15 (Optional: Color the pictures after completing the activity.)

Craft/Activity 1: Science Centers 52-61

Craft/Activity 2:

  • Baby Animal Booklet (
  • Are You My Mother? worksheet (
  • Baby Animals Match-Up (
  • Baby Animal Matching 1 (
  • Baby Animal Matching 2 (
  • Baby Animal Matching 3 (
  • Baby Animals Coloring Page (

Craft/Activity 3: Animal Groups Coloring Pages

  • Pride of lions (
  • Gaggle of geese (
  • Flock of birds (
  • Swarm of bees (
  • School of fish (
  • Herd of elephants (


DK Workbooks: Science, Pre-K. 2014. DK Publishing. 978-1-4654-1726-8
Take It to Your Seat Science Centers, Grades PreK-K. 2005. Evan-Moor Educational Publishers. ISBN 978-1-59673-090-8

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