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    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Animal Sounds and Bodies Lesson Plan

    Animal Sounds and Bodies Preschool Books

    Objective: To learn about animal sounds and bodies


    • Do Frogs Have Fur?: A Book About Animal Coats and Coverings by Michael Dahl
    • Whose Skin Is This? A Look at Animal Skins — Scaly, Furry, and Prickly by Lisa Morris Kee
    • Smooth and Rough by Lisa Bullard
    • Soft and Hard by Nathan Olson
    • Whose Back Is This? by Joanne Randolph
    • Whose Sound Is This? A Look at Animal Noises — Chirps, Clicks, and Hoots by Nancy Kelly Allen
    • Do Monkeys Tweet? by Melanie Walsh
    • Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees: An Animal Sounds Book by Dawn Bentley
    • Oink! Oink! How Do You Do? by Grace Maccarone
    • Who Says a Dog Goes Bow-wow? by Hank De Zutter
    • Cat Says Meow and Other Animalopoeia by Michael Arndt
    • Do Bears Buzz? A Book About Animal Sounds by Michael Dahl
    • Animal Sounds by Aurelius Battaglia
    • Clifford’s Animal Sounds by Norman Bridwell
    • Howl, Growl, Mooo, Whooo: A Book of Animal Sounds by Molly Carroll

    Music: “Farm Song: Animal Sounds” (

    (Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)

    There’s a [quack, quack] on my [back], on my [back].
    There’s a [quack, quack] on my [back], on my [back].
    Yes, it’s on my [back], you see.
    What a silly place to be!
    There’s a [quack, quack] on my [back], on my [back].

    Teacher: What’s on my [back]?
    Students: A [duck]!

    Moo on my shoe (Cow)
    Neigh on my nose (Horse)
    Tweet on my tummy (Bird)
    Hee-haw on my head (Donkey)
    Cluck on my chin (Chicken)

    Fine Motor Skills: Science page 14 (Optional: Color the pictures after completing the activity.)

    Craft/Activity 1:

    • Science Centers 82-95
    • Science Centers 168-179

    Craft/Activity 2: Animal Body Matching (

    Craft/Activity 3: Animal Coverings

    • Fur (
    • Feathers (
    • Shell (


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