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    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Color Brown Lesson Plan

    Brown Bark Rubbings

    Objective: To learn about the color brown

    Message: Red, yellow, and blue make brown.


    • Brown: Seeing Brown All Around Us by Michael Dahl
    • Brown as an Acorn by Molly Dingles
    • Brown at the Zoo by Christianne C. Jones
    • Brown by Nancy Harris
    • Beautiful Brown Eyes by Marianne Richmond
    • Brown Food Fun by Lisa Bullard
    • Brown Everywhere by Kristin Sterling

    Music: “Brown Bear”

    Brown bear, brown bear
    Turn around
    Brown bear, brown bear
    Touch the ground
    Brown bear, brown bear
    Reach up high
    Brown bear, brown bear
    Touch the sky
    Brown bear, brown bear
    Bend down low
    Brown bear, brown bear
    Touch your toe

    Fine Motor Skills:

    • CCBS page 24
    • LLCS pages 22-23

    Gross Motor Skills: “Little Brown Leaf” by Jean Warren

    Little brown leaf, falling to the ground (Wave hands back and forth towards the floor)
    Little brown leaf, twirling around (Spin around)
    Little brown leaf, landing in a pile (Fall to the floor)
    Little brown leaf, with a great big smile (Jump up and smile)

    Craft/Activity: Bark Rubbings (AFIL page 159)

    Use brown crayons and blank paper to make bark rubbings of different trees. Explore the texture of the bark as well as the shades of brown.


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    Image Credits

    Brown Bark Rubbings © 2014 Heather Johnson

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