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Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Color Orange Lesson Plan

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Objective: To learn about the color orange

Message: Red and yellow make orange.


  • Orange by Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • Orange Animals by Melissa Stewart
  • Orange Everywhere by Kristin Sterling
  • I See Orange by Micco Trudy
  • Orange by Patricia Stockland
  • Orange by Nicole Pristash
  • Autumn Orange by Christianne C. Jones
  • Orange as a Pumpkin by Molly Dingles

Music: “Five Little Pumpkins” (EFF page 98)

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. (Hold up five fingers.)
The first one said, “Oh, my, it’s getting late!” (Hold up index finger.)
The second one said, “There are witches/leaves all in the air!” (Hold up two fingers.)
The third one said, “But we don’t care.” (Hold up three fingers.)
The fourth one said, “I’m ready for some fun!” (Hold up four fingers.)
The fifth one said, “Let’s run and run and run!” (Hold up all five fingers.)
Then whoosh went the wind. (Wave hand.)
And out went the light! (Clap hands.)
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight. (Rolls hands.)

Fine Motor Skills:

  • CCBS page 18
  • LLCS pages 6-7

Gross Motor Skills: Hopping and jumping from and over orange object to orange object. Use orange towels, fabric scraps, paper, or any other flat orange objects. Have your child practice hopping and jumping from object to object and over the objects.

Craft/Activity: Paper Plate Pumpkins


  • White paper plate
  • Blank paper
  • Red and yellow paint
  • Green or brown paint
  • Empty container
  • Paintbrush
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glue


  • Pour some red paint and some yellow paint into the empty container.
  • Stir the paint with the paintbrush until mixed into the color orange. Add more of either color to change the hue of the orange.
  • Paint the white paper plate with the orange paint.
  • While the orange paint dries, draw a pumpkin stem onto the blank paper with the black marker.
  • Pour some green or brown paint onto the scrap cardboard.
  • Paint the stem green or brown.
  • After the green or brown paint dries, turn the paper over and cut out the stem following the marker outline.
  • Glue the stem onto the back of the orange plate.
  • Optional: Use black paper or black paint to create a Jack o’ lantern face on the paper plate pumpkin.


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Image Credits

Paper Plate Pumpkin © 2014 Heather Johnson

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