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Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Diamonds/Rhombuses Lesson Plan

Popsicle Stick Diamond Kites

Objective: To learn about the shape diamond/rhombus

Message: Diamonds have four equal sides and stand on a point. Rhombus is another name for a diamond.

Book(s): Shapes Are Everywhere! by Charles Ghigna

Music: “Find a Diamond” by Liz Ryerson

(Tune: “Clementine”)

Find a diamond, find a diamond
Find a diamond on the floor
Put your finger on the diamond
On the diamond on the floor

Find a diamond, find a diamond
Find a diamond on the floor
Put your two feet on the diamond
On the diamond on the floor

Optional: Place paper diamonds on the floor before singing the song.

Fine Motor Skills:

  • LLCS pages 46-47
  • CCBS pages 78-83

Gross Motor Skills: Play on a baseball diamond. Head to an outdoor baseball diamond to run the bases, or set up an indoor baseball diamond. Count the corners and sides while running around the diamond. Toss a ball from base to base.

Craft/Activity: Popsicle Stick Diamond Kite


  • Two popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Colored paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Yarn


  1. Glue two popsicle sticks together to form an X.
  2. Place the X on a sheet of paper.
  3. Use the ruler to trace around the X from corner to corner.
  4. Cut out the large diamond.
  5. Cut out smaller diamonds from other colors of paper.
  6. Glue the smaller diamonds onto the large diamond.
  7. Glue a piece of yarn onto one corner of the X.
  8. Glue the large diamond onto the popsicle stick X.
  9. Display or play with the popsicle stick diamond kite.

Color Review: BPW pages 30-33


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Image Credits

Popsicle Stick Diamond Kites © 2014 Heather Johnson

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