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    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Floating and Sinking Lesson Plan

    Floating and Sinking Preschool Activities

    Objective: To learn about floating and sinking

    Message: Objects that float stay on top of a liquid. Objects that sink fall to the bottom of a container of liquid.

    Book(s): Floating and Sinking: What Floats? by Jim Pipe

    Video: Peep and the Big Wide World: The Fish Museum (

    Fine Motor Skills:

    • Science page 37
    • Floating and Sinking 1 (
    • Floating and Sinking 2 (
    • Floating and Sinking 3 (

    Craft/Activity 1: “Build a Boat” Science pages 38-39

    Craft/Activity 2: Experiment with floating and sinking by playing with different objects in water table or container of water. Which objects float? Which objects sink? Make a list.

    Basic Skills Review: CCBS pages 513-537


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    DK Workbooks: Science, Pre-K. 2014. DK Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4654-1726-8

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