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Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Number 4 Lesson Plan

Number 4 Preschool Activities

Objective: To learn about the number 4


  • My Four Book by Jane Belk Moncure
  • 123 Peas by Keith Baker


  • Number 4 Song (
  • 4: The Number Four (

Sign Language: Point the four fingers up with the thumb resting on the palm. (

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Numbers pages 12-13
  • CCBS pages 450-455
  • BPW pages 222-223
  • Pre-K Numbers pages 8-9
  • AHT Math pages 21
  • Tracing Numbers Four (
  • The Number 4 (
  • The Number Four (
  • Learning to Count the Number 4 (

Craft/Activity: Four 4s


  • Number 4 template (
  • Blank paper
  • Paint


  1. Print the number 4 template onto the blank paper.
  2. Press four fingerprints in each number 4.

Optional: Set the finished 4 craft aside to bind into a book at the end of the number lesson.

Number Review: AHT Math pages 11, 22-27

Cutting Practice: Cut page 13


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