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    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Ovals Lesson Plan

    Oval Magazine Collage

    Objective: To learn about the shape oval

    Message: Ovals are flattened or stretched circles.


    • Ovals by Sarah L. Schuette
    • Ovals by Julia Vogel
    • Ovals Around Town by Nathan Olson
    • Ovals by Dana Meachen Rau
    • Ovals by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

    Music: “Ovals”

    (Tune: “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”)

    Eggs are shaped like ovals
    Like ovals
    Like ovals
    Eggs are shaped liked ovals
    Like circles stretched out long

    Substitute “eggs” with other oval-shaped objects.

    Fine Motor Skills:

    • LLCS pages 44-45
    • CCBS pages 72-77

    Gross Motor Skills: Toss plastic Easter eggs into various containers.

    Craft/Activity: Oval Magazine Collage


    • Old magazines
    • Scissors
    • Blank paper
    • Glue or glue stick


    1. Find pictures of ovals such as eggs, balloons, watermelons, footballs, and potatoes in the magazines.
    2. Cut out the ovals.
    3. Cut the blank paper into a large oval.
    4. Glue the oval pictures onto the larger oval.
    5. Display the oval collage.


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    Image Credits

    Oval Magazine Collage © 2014 Heather Johnson

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