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    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Prewriting Skills Lesson Plan

    Snowman Fingerpaint Tracing

    Objective: To work on prewriting skills

    Music: “Pencil Grip Song” (

    My thumb is bent
    Pointer points to the tip
    Tall Man uses his side
    I tuck the last two fingers in
    And take them for a ride

    Fine Motor Skills:

    • BPW 1-21
    • TTPWS 28-32

    Craft/Activity: Fingerpaint Tracing


    • Blank paper
    • Snowman tracing worksheet template (
    • Paint
    • Scrap cardboard


    1. Print the snowman tracing worksheet template on a blank sheet of paper.
    2. Pour some paint on the scrap cardboard.
    3. Trace the snowman with the fingerpaint.


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    Image Credits

    Snowman Fingerpaint Tracing © 2015 Heather Johnson

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