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    Preschool Homeschool Curriculum: Rectangles Lesson Plan

    Paint Chip Monster and Witch

    Objective: To learn about the shape rectangle

    Message: Rectangles have two long sides and two short sides.


    • Rectangle by Bryony Jones
    • Rectangles by Pamela Hall
    • Rectangles Around Town by Nathan Olson
    • The Shape of the World: Rectangles by Dana Meachen Rau
    • Rectangles by Diyan Leake
    • Rectangles by Sarah L. Schuette

    Music: “Rectangles” (

    (Tune: “Baa Baa Black Sheep”)

    Rectangle, rectangle
    Have you any sides?
    Yes, boys! Yes, girls!
    Four in all
    Two sides are long
    And two sides are short
    I like my shape
    Whether it’s wide or if it’s tall
    Rectangle, rectangle
    Have you any sides?
    Yes, boys! Yes, girls!
    Four in all

    “Rectangle Song” (

    Fine Motor Skills:

    • LLCS pages 40-41
    • CCBS pages 66-71

    Craft/Activity: Paint Chip Monster and Witch (


    • Green and purple paint chips
    • Black and white construction paper
    • Glue or glue stick


    1. Cut the black and white construction paper into mouth, eye, eyebrow, bolt, hair, and pointed hat shapes.
    2. Glue the shapes onto the paint chips to create a green monster and a purple witch.

    Color Review: BPW pages 24-27


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    Image Credits

    Paint Chip Monster and Witch © 2014 Heather Johnson

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