‘Pumpkin Moon’ Book Review

'Pumpkin Moon' Book Review

Recommended for readers between first and fifth grade, Pumpkin Moon by Tim Preston with illustrations by Simon Bartram is largely a picture book with minimal text. My toddler daughter particularly enjoyed looking at the colorful illustrations throughout the book, so I recommend Pumpkin Moon for even younger readers and pre-readers as well.

Pumpkin Moon begins on Halloween night with trick or treaters preparing for the evening. When evening comes, however, Jack o’ lanterns float up into the sky towards the moon. After all, anything can happen under a pumpkin moon, right? When the town awakes in the morning, a few clues leftover by the pumpkins leave everyone in town slightly confused.

The story in Pumpkin Moon is creative and new. However, my favorite part of the book is the illustrations. My favorite picture is of the pumpkins gathering around the pumpkin moon. I love the bright oranges, reds, and yellows in the drawing. My daughter also really liked the same illustration because of all the pumpkins. She also enjoyed pointing out all the pumpkins throughout the story.

Cover of Pumpkin Moon Inside Pages of Pumpkin Moon

Final Verdict: Pumpkin Moon by Tim Preston with illustrations by Simon Bartram offers a new story for young readers for Halloween. For kids who love pumpkins in particular, this book is a perfect holiday read. The best part by far are the illustrations. The colors are brilliant and bring the almost wordless story to life. I highly recommend Pumpkin Moon to readers of all ages during the Halloween season.


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