Reusing Disposable Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Disposable WipesHere at The Parenting Patch, my daughter wears cloth diapers. When she was a newborn, we used disposable diapers but made the switch to cloth when she was around three months old. However, we have never fully made the switch to cloth wipes. For wet diapers, we use nothing, just change the wet diaper. For dirty diapers, we use disposable wipes. At bedtime, we use a washcloth wetted with warm water to give her diaper area a thorough washing.

Although I love my cloth diapers, I have no desire to switch to cloth wipes too. I like the convenience of disposable wipes. With even really nasty dirty diapers, I can wipe up the poop and toss the wipe and the mess away in the garbage. We do flush a lot of poop from the actual diapers. However, cleaning up a yucky butt is so easy with a disposable wipe, especially with a very active toddler.

Another convenience of disposable wipes that I like is that I never have to worry about wetting the wipes. Disposables come pre-moistened. At bedtime, I warm the water up in my bathroom sink and then wet the washcloth while my husband undresses our daughter. Her changing table is in her nursery, so I bring the wet washcloth from my bathroom to her nursery. I have heard of some parents storing a few wet cloth wipes in a wipes warmer, but I just do not have the time or patience to deal with wetting a new batch of cloth wipes every morning. Plus, I have a thing against wipes warmers. I do not own one. I do not want one, not even for cloth wipes.

Washed Disposable WipesFinally, one of the reasons that we use cloth diapers is to cut down on the waste from disposables. One reason that many parents use cloth wipes is to further cut down on waste. However, I reuse my disposable wipes. The really poopy wipes just get tossed in the trash. However, for wipes that are just a little dirty, I toss the wipe in the wet bag with the rest of the dirty diapers. I then wash and dry the used disposable wipes with the rest of my diaper laundry. I then use the washed disposable wipes as diaper liners or dusting rags. The texture of a washed disposable wipe is perfect for dusting around my house.

Washed disposable wipes also make excellent diaper liners. I primarily use non-cloth safe diaper creams when my daughter gets a rash. I particularly like Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment as well as a few others. The zinc in the ointment clears my daughter’s redness up after just one or two treatments. However, zinc is not safe for cloth diapers. Thus, to protect my diapers while I heal my daughter’s diaper area, I often use a washed disposable wipe as a liner. I may throw the wipe out at the next diaper change, but I did get two uses out of a single wipe, thus cutting my waste in half.

Do you use cloth or disposable wipes?

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