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    Robusto Bowls Durable Pet Feeding Dishes Review

    Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

    Midnight Robusto Bowl

    With two dogs and a cat, I am often searching for clean food and water bowls. I rinse the water bowls at least once a day and wash the food bowls that my dogs use every day. My cat likes to have a full bowl of food to snack on as she pleases, so I wash her food bowl when she reaches the bottom of the kitty food pile. Thus, when recently offered the chance to review the Robusto Bowls Durable Pet Feeding Dishes courtesy of Loving Pets, I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

    I received a medium Robusto Bowls Durable Pet Feeding Dish in midnight (black with white bones). Nearly indestructible and built for extreme durability, Robusto Bowls offer the beauty of ceramic without the shortcomings. The pet bowls feature solid, heavy gauge aluminum construction paired with simple designs on brightly colored ceramic-like, bacteria resistant interiors. Robusto bowls even survive without damage a durability test of being run over by a 6,500 pound truck! A medium bowl retails for $15.99. Loving Pets also offers the Robust Bowl in extra small, small, and large sizes.

    Inside of Midnight Robusto Bowl  Bottom of Midnight Robusto Bowl

    Although my bowl features a bone design, I decided to use the Robusto Bowl primarily for my cat. Princess spends a lot of her time in our basement. Her sanctuary away from the dogs and my daughter includes her personal food and water dishes. (She also has access to clean water when upstairs.) I keep her bowls in the laundry room next to some cozy floor rugs. Because her bowls are on a concrete floor, I like to use heavier bowls for her instead of the plastic food bowls that I use for the dogs. The Robusto Bowl is thus perfect for the kitty sanctuary in my basement.

    Princess insists on my filling up her food bowl to the brim. She then snacks on her hard kitty nibbles as she desires. The medium Robusto Bowl holds ten scoops of her food, which delighted her kitty senses to no end. As soon as I placed her new bowl of food on the floor, she happily started munching away. Cats are sometimes picky eaters, but Princess quickly gave her seal of approval to the Robusto Bowl.

    I personally like the weight of the Robusto Bowl. If I were to use the bowl upstairs with my dogs, I would most likely use the bowl as a water dish. My dog Kenobi, in particular, likes to push his plastic food dishes around the floor, licking out each and every last bite. The weight of the Robusto Bowl means that he cannot very easily push the water bowl around.

    The Robusto Bowl is incredibly easy to clean. The instructions indicate to wash the bowl by hand. I will admit, however, to placing the bowl in the top rack of my dishwasher. My water heater is set to non-scald temperatures, so my dishwasher does not get too hot. The bowl came out of the dishwasher spotless. Washing the bowl by hand is just as easy. Use a little hot, soapy water to clean out the dish, rinse, and allow the bowl to air dry.

    Princess Eating from the Midnight Robusto Bowl 1 Princess Eating from the Midnight Robusto Bowl 2

    Final Verdict: At $15.99 each, the medium Robusto Bowl is a bit more expensive than my usual pet bowls. However, for a heavy and durable ceramic-like dish, the bowl is well worth the price. My cat definitely appreciates the amount of dry food that the bowl holds. I like that the heavier bowl stays put on the concrete floor of my basement. Additionally, the Robusto Bowl is easy to clean and maintain. If you are looking for a durable dish for your pet, I highly recommend checking out the Robusto Bowl for dogs and cats.

    For more information or to make a purchase, visit Loving Pets for dog bowls and cat bowls. You can also follow Loving Pets on Facebook and Twitter.

    I received a Robusto Bowl mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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