Rocko’s Modern Christmas: An Often Overlooked Family Special

Rocko's Modern Christmas: An Often Overlooked Family Special

It is almost Christmastime, and, at our house, that means three full-sized Christmas trees, dozens of lights strung up all around our house, and plenty of Christmas desserts. (Heather all of a sudden remembers she likes baking during the month of December!) However, one of our favorite activities is partaking in Christmas holiday movies.

While we definitely enjoy the classics such as Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life, we also look forward to newer offerings ranging from the Peanuts holiday films and A Christmas Story to an often overlooked offering: Rocko’s Modern Christmas.

Rocko's Modern ChristmasIf you are unfamiliar with the Rocko’s Modern Life series, it was a cartoon that ran in the early to mid-1990s on the Nickelodeon network, and, while not as popular as Rugrats and other children’s cartoons, it had and still has a rabid cult following.

The episode we love to watch (when we can find it) surrounds Rocko’s quest to plan the perfect Christmas party. During his party planning, Rocko realizes that across the street from his home a group of elves have moved in, and Rocko notices that one of the elves is following him while he shops. After talking to the elf, he invites the elf and his elf friends to his party.

Overhearing about the invitation, Rocko’s neighbor Ed Bighead warns everyone attending that they may catch diseases spread by the “Swarm of Diseased Trolls.”

After finding out about the rumor when nobody shows up to Rocko’s party, the Elves jump into action to end the rumors and save Rocko’s Christmas gathering. You will have to see the special to learn what happens next.

While Rocko’s Modern Christmas may be a bit wacky for some viewers, it teaches an important message to children about not judging people before you get to know them, and it offers plenty of oddball jokes and setups to please parents.

There is only one problem with the show: It is nearly impossible to find. You can buy an original 1993 VHS tape, or you can pick up Rocko’s Modern Life: The Complete Series on DVD from Amazon.

If you happen to see this show replaying on Nickelodeon, I highly recommend setting your DVR and giving it a watch. If you like quirky humor and oddball characters, you and your family will likely have a good chuckle.


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