Rovis & the Bean Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case Review

Dog Photo BASIC iPhone CaseRovis & the Bean is a mom-owned business that offers a wide variety of gifts (1200 products) that are high quality and luxurious but without the high price tags of other boutique gift stores. Lauren Rosenfeldt, who worked as a social worker for ten years prior to starting the website, gives personalized attention to each and every customer. At Rovis & the Bean, shoppers can find gifts for babies, kids, and adults for all occasions including new baby, christenings, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and much more.

I was recently contacted by Lauren from Rovis & the Bean about reviewing one of her products. She suggested a monogrammed phone cover or a monogrammed acrylic necklace, both of which are her two bestsellers. I eagerly chose the phone cover and picked the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case. The product description on the Rovis & the Bean website describes the iPhone 4/4S case as the following:

This case is so DOGGONE cute! These trendy iPhone cases by Bubblegum Basics are a must-have for your iPhone! Celebrate your pooch with this customized case.

  • Forged from high grade hard plastic
  • This snap-on case is lightweight and durable
  • Design printed on the back of the case only
  • Allows you access to all of the buttons, sensors, and ports of your device including the dock connector

Your design is printed directly onto the back of the case using a unique printing process. No stickers or decals here. The design will last the lifetime of the case. Choose from black or white edge colors.

Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case on iPhone Case 1My dog is a huge part of my life (as evidenced by the Espentorials on The Parenting Patch), so the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case was a perfect fit for me. For the picture, I chose an adorable shot of Espen in a Chicago Bears hat. For my personalization, I also chose a black border, my name, and the tinker font.

When my personalized Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case arrived, I was extremely impressed with the results. The picture printed onto the back of the case looked awesome. My name was clearly printed, and I loved the four little paw prints on the bottom right corner of the design. The case easily snapped on to my phone. The case also pops off easily with a little prying, which is perfect: I want a case that will stay firmly on my phone but that I can take off easily when I want. In the past, I have had some cases that were just a pain in the butt to remove. The Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case is so easy to get on and take off.


As promised, the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case allows access to all of the ports on the iPhone. My previous case was a soft case that I loved in most ways except that I had to remove part of the case to plug my phone in to charge. With my new case from Rovis & the Bean, I do not have to worry about the case getting in the way come time to charge my phone.

Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case on iPhone Case 2One feature that I had never thought of before that I really love about the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case is the material used in the plastic on the sides of the case. Unlike other iPhone cases that I have used in the past, the plastic on the sides of the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case is subtly textured and feels almost smooth like material. Although difficult to describe with words, I can say that I really love the feel of this iPhone case!

The only thing about the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case available through Rovis & the Bean is that the sides could go up a little higher to protect the screen of the iPhone better. When my husband first saw the case, he thought that the design was cute but was worried that the lack of screen protection would be a problem. I am less concerned, especially since the time that I dropped my phone on concrete and shattered the case happened while I was using a case with higher sides. I am perfectly happy with the size and shapes of the case.


Final Verdict: I give the Dog Photo BASIC iPhone Case from Rovis & the Bean two enthusiastic thumbs up. I love the feel of the plastic on the sides of the case, and, most of all, I love that I now have a personalized iPhone case with a picture of my beloved dog that I can bring with me everywhere.

For more information or to shop, check out Rovis & the Bean online at the company website. You can also follow Rovis & the Bean on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or through the Rovis Ruminations blog. You can also save 15% for a limited time with the coupon code parentingpatch15.

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