Saving Money with Kroger Fuel Points and Amazon Gift Cards: Frugal Friday

Kroger Fuel Points and Amazon Gift CardAs a mama on a budget, I am all about saving money whenever possible. I have previously written about combining coupons with sales to save the most amount of money on a purchase. For the past couple of months, I have been using another method of getting the most bang for my buck. For my Frugal Friday tip, I will explain how buying Amazon gift cards at Kroger can save you money and maximize your rewards points.

First, I like to shop at Kroger because my Kroger card gets me the lowest prices on many products. In addition to snagging in-store savings, my Kroger card also gives me fuel points that I can use at Shell to save ten cents per gallon on gas. By doing my normal grocery shopping at Kroger with my Kroger card, I automatically accrue points that save me money on fuel purchases. For every hundred points that I earn, I get the ten cents off per gallon on my purchase.

However, my family and I also have a subscription to Amazon Prime. For only $99 a year, we get free two-day shipping on Prime purchases as well as access to Prime Instant Video. I do most of my shopping for non-perishable items on Amazon. I can compare prices to find the lowest cost easily from my computer. I also like to buy in bulk, which often gives me super low prices on Amazon. Then, with the click of a button, I can order my purchases. With Prime, I have to wait only two days and my purchases are delivered straight to my door for free. I save time and money by not leaving my house for day-to-day shopping.

Although Amazon does not offer perishable groceries to me yet, I do shop for most of my other purchases through the online retailer. Instead of paying with a credit card, however, I have been purchasing Amazon gift cards at Kroger. By buying the gift cards at Kroger, I earn fuel points that I can use to save on gas. I always pay with my credit card, which my family pays off in full each month, so I also earn points that I use to pay off the credit point. I automatically double my points because I get both fuel points and credit card points. I then use the Amazon gift cards to pay for my Amazon Prime purchases. Additionally, Kroger often offers double fuel points on gift card purchases, especially around the holidays, so I often earn more than the standard number of fuel points.

If you live in an area with a Kroger fuel points program and you have an Amazon Prime membership, then you can save a lot of money by buying Amazon gift cards at Kroger. You earn fuel points that save you money on gas. Thus, you do not miss out on fuel points that you would have lost had you paid for your Amazon purchases directly. Additionally, if you buy your Amazon gift cards with a rewards credit card, you essentially earn double points. Plus, Kroger often offers double points on gift card purchases.

Even if you do not live in an area with a Kroger fuel points program, many other grocery stores offer similar rewards programs. Check out the retails in your area for details. Then simply buy our Amazon gift cards at the store and save on multiple purchases at once!

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