‘Snow’ Book Review

'Snow' Book Review

I love winter. I also love snow. So while putting books away at my library the other day, I absolutely had to sit down and read Snow by Uri Shulevitz. Not only was the title one of my favorite parts of winter (snow) but the illustration on the cover was also whimsical and fun. I am so glad that I did take a moment to open this book.

Snow is about a little boy with a dog who really wants the grey skies to produce some snow. At the sight of a single snowflake, the little boy gets excited. However, everyone he encounters tells him that the snow will melt. In the end, the little boy and his dog are not disappointed.

I really enjoyed the illustrations in snow. The bluish tones in every picture remind me of the tone of winter. The people in the pictures are also cartoonish and extremely whimsical. My favorite illustrations are of the snow falling down on the city and of the happy little boy with his dog at the end.

'Snow' Cover 'Snow' Illustrations

Final Verdict: Snow is a delightful little story for winter reading. Anyone else who loves snow as much as I do should pick up this book for a quick read on a cold winter day!

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Snow Illustrations © 2011 Heather Johnson

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