Starting from Scratch: My Ideal Cloth Diaper Stash

My Ideal Cloth Diaper Stash

How would your ideal cloth diaper stash look if you could start over again with an unlimited budget? As part of the cloth diapering again series, the ladies at Padded Tush Stats asked about ideal stashes without the limitations of a budget. Although I am largely happy with my current stash, which consists of all the Best Bottom shells and a handful of other covers as well as Best Bottom inserts, I would make a few different purchases if I could start all over.

Note that I would still probably buy all of the Best Bottom covers because I am a Best Bottom addict collector. However, I do have fourteen that are my favorites over the rest. Nevertheless, I do own and love all of the Best Bottom shells. I would also continue to use a combination of disposable wipes that I wash and reuse as liners and regular old washcloths moistened with water instead of switching to cloth wipes.

Best Bottom Inserts

During the day, I use Best Bottom Stay Dry inserts in all of my diaper covers.

20 Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts (Small) – $3.75 each – $75
20 Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts (Medium) – $3.75 each – $75
20 Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts (Large) – $3.75 each – $75

Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts

9 Best Bottom Microfiber Overnight Inserts (3 Small, 3 Medium, 3 Large) – $6.60 each – $59.40

Best Bottom Micro Overnight Inserts

FuzziBunz Minky Inserts

For overnight cloth diapering, I use a Best Bottom Microfiber Overnight Insert, a Best Bottom Stay Dry Insert, and a FuzziBunz Minky Insert for extra absorbency.

FuzziBunz Minky Inserts (Medium/Large 3-Pack) – $12.95

Best Bottom Shells

14 Best Bottom Shells – $15.95 each – $223.30

Blue Moon Best Bottom Shell
Chunky Monkey Best Bottom Shell
Cookie Monster Best Bottom Shell
Cookies ‘N Cream Best Bottom Shell
Froxy Frolic Best Bottom Shell
Freedom Best Bottom Shell
Key Lime Pie Best Bottom Shell
Liberty Best Bottom Shell
Mistletoe Best Bottom Shell
Moo-licious Best Bottom Shell
Plum Pie Best Bottom Shell
Strawberry Shortcake Best Bottom Shell
Very Cherry Best Bottom Shell
Wild Berry Best Bottom Shell

Blue Moon Best Bottom Shell Chunky Monkey Best Bottom Cookie Monster Best Bottom

Cookies 'N Cream Best Bottom Foxy Frolic Best Bottom Freedom Best Bottom

Key Lime Pie Best Bottom Liberty Best Bottom Mistletoe Best Bottom

Moo-licious Best Bottom Plum Pie Best Bottom Strawberry Shortcake Best Bottom

Very Cherry Best Bottom Wild Berry Best Bottom

Planet Wise Covers

3 Planet Wise Covers – $17.95 each – $53.85

Aqua Swirl Planet Wise Cover
Monkey Fun Planet Wise Cover
Organic Kaleidoscope Planet Wise Cover

Aqua Swirl Planet Wise Monkey Fun Planet Wise Organic Kaleidoscope Planet Wise

Flip Covers

4 Flip Covers – $13.95 each – $55.80

Moonbeam Flip Cover
Ribbit Flip Cover
Sassy Flip Cover
Zinnia Flip Cover

Moonbeam Flip Ribbit Flip Sassy Flip Zinnia Flip

Capri Covers

4 Capri Covers (Size 1) – $16.95 each – $67.80
4 Capri Covers (Size 2) – $19.95 each – $79.80

Baby Blooms Capri Cover
Butterflies Capri Cover
Elephants Capri Cover
Swirls Capri Cover

Baby Blooms Capri Butterflies Capri Elephants Capri

Swirls Capri

Kissaluvs Kutie Cover

1 Kissaluvs Kutie Cover – $16.95

Cheetah Kissaluvs Kutie Cover

Cheetah Kissaluvs Kutie

Thirsties Duo Cover

3 Thirsties Duo Covers (Size 1) – $13.25 each – $39.75
3 Thirsties Duo Covers (Size 2) – $13.25 each – $39.75

Polka Dance Thirsties Duo Cover
Scottish Rose Thirsties Duo Cover
Scottish Storm Thirsties Duo Cover

Polka Dance Thirsties Duo Scottish Rose Thirstie Duo Scottish Storm Thirsties Duo

Rumparooz Covers

6 Rumparooz Covers – $16.00 each – $96.00

Dexter Rumparooz Cover
Gumball Rumparooz Cover
Lux Rumparooz Cover
Preppy Rumparooz Cover
Quinn Rumparooz Cover
Whale Tale Rumparooz Cover

Dexter Rumparooz Gumball Rumparooz Lux Rumparooz

Preppy Rumparooz Quinn Rumparooz Whale Tale Rumparooz

Wolbybug Cover

1 Wolbybug Cover – $10.99

Ladybug Wolbybug Cover

Ladybug Wolbybug

Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bags

3 Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bags – $12.95 each – $38.85

Baby Blue Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag
Blue Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag
Ocean Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag

Baby Blue Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag Blue Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag Ocean Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag

What is the grand total of my ideal stash? If I were to start over with cloth diapers with an unlimited budget, I would spend a total of $1,020.19. Definitely pricey but still less than the cost of disposable diapers from birth through potty training.

What would your ideal, budget-less cloth diaper stash look like? How much would you spend?

To purchase cloth diapers, please use my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers.

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