Stashify Bamboo/Organic Cotton Flat Review

Folded Stashify FlatBefore using cloth diapers on my daughter starting at around three months old, when I thought of cloth diapers, I thought of old-fashion flats secured with diaper pins and covered with rubber pants. My worldview of fluff has since expanded considerably. I primarily use all-in-two diapers or covers with various inserts or prefolds. However, when Stashify offered me a chance to review a bamboo/organic cotton flat, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to try a new style of diaper on my daughter.

Stashify is a small shop on Etsy run by Kristen Muscillo that provide eco-friendly products for the home and family. I received a large extra stretchy bamboo/organic cotton luxury diaper square (Snugglynn Toddler Squares) with pansy (purple) trim around the edge. Stashify also currently offers small and medium sizes of the diaper squares and bamboo terry cloth wipes, all available with a rainbow of trim colors.

When I first received my diaper from Stashify, I was immediately impressed with the stretchiness of the fabric. Each handmade, made-to-order flat consists of maxi lock thread, bamboo, organic cotton, and viscose. The diaper is seriously stretchy. The Snugglynn Toddler Squares measure 28 inches by 28 inches, perfect for larger toddlers. However, as flat, the diaper also works on smaller babies, just with a little more bulk. Each flat is preshrunk.

I love that Stashify offers a rainbow of colors for the thread on the edge of the flat. I chose the pansy, which is a pretty purple color. However, Stashify offers twenty different colors from blacks, white, and grays to any color of the rainbow.

Loose Stashify Flat Full Size of Stashify Flat

Flats are an extremely versatile style of cloth diaper, allowing for an almost unlimited number of folding styles. For my daughter, however, I have been folding my Stashify flat in half twice and then into thirds to create an insert that lays inside my diaper covers. You can use either diaper pins or another diaper fastener to hold the flat on a baby. You must also use a waterproof cover over the flat to prevent leaks.

Because my daughter sleeps up to 12 hours at night without a diaper change, I must use an incredibly absorbent diaper for nighttime use. I am happy to proclaim that my Stashify flat is now in rotation among my handful of nighttime cloth diaper solutions. The bamboo and cotton mixture is super absorbent. I have yet to have any problems with leaks with my Stashify flat despite my daughter going up to 12 hours without a diaper change.

Washing my flat from Stashify is incredibly easy. I follow my usual wash routine of a warm heavy wash with Rockin’ Green laundry detergent followed by two cold rinses. I then toss the flat in my dryer with the rest of my diaper inserts. Because of the single layer of fabric, the flat dries incredibly fast. I dry my inserts for about 60 minutes, and I never need to add longer time for the flat.

The large size flat that I received from Stashify currently costs $12 each. If you order six to eleven, each flat costs $11.75. Buying in bulk of twelve or more brings the cost down to $11.50 each. The medium size starts at $11 and the small size at $9. Compared to other flats available on the market, Stashify flats cost a little more than commercially produced versions. However, each Stashify flat is handmade and made-to-order with customized thread color on the edge. Even at $12 for the largest size, I consider the flats from Stashify quite reasonable in price. Plus, flats are so economical. You could get away with only a small stash from birth through potty training!

Stashify Flat Inside Diaper Cover

Final Verdict: I am overwhelmingly impressed with my flat diaper from Stashify. The bamboo and organic cotton fabric is incredibly soft, super stretchy, and amazingly absorbent. As a flat, the diaper is extremely versatile. I currently use mine on my daughter overnight, which means up to 12 hours without a diaper change — and I have yet to have a problem with leaks. Each flat is preshrunk, and I love the rainbow of colors available for the edge sewing. Although priced slightly higher than commercial versions, Stashify flats are still economical. A small stash could last from birth through potty training. If you are in the market for flats, I highly recommend the bamboo/organic cotton flats from Stashify!

For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Stashify Etsy store. You can also follow Stashify on Facebook.

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