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    Sunbaby Diapers Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

    Are you looking for a high quality but affordable cloth diaper solution? Then check out Sunbaby Diapers! Sunbaby Diapers was founded by wife and mother Sun Pei in Shanghai, China. When her son was five months old, she discovered pocket cloth diapers. With her husband, she began a cloth diaper business, and Sunbaby Diapers were born. Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, which is a city with strict laws forbidding cheaper labor including child labor. So, even those these cloth diapers are made in and shipped from China, you can feel confident that your diapers are produced under fair labor conditions.

    I recently received a size 2 pocket diaper in an adorable pink Melody print with two microfiber inserts from Sunbaby Diapers to review. Sunbaby cloth diapers are a OS pocket diaper that fit babies between seven and thirty-five pounds. Size 1 is recommended for smaller or skinnier babies while size 2 is recommended for bigger or chunkier babies and toddlers. Because my daughter is a chubby breastfed baby, I requested a size 2 to review.

    Sunbaby Diaper and Inserts

    Upon receiving my Sunbaby diaper, my first reaction was that the print was incredibly cute. Sunbaby cloth diapers are currently available in nineteen different prints and solid colors. In addition to Melody, I also love the Argyle and Pink Dot as well as a bunch of the other prints. If you buy twelve diapers with twelve microfiber inserts, the price comes to just $5 per diaper, so you can buy as many prints and colors as you want without spending a fortune. You can also get other great package deals such as twelve diapers and twenty-four microfiber inserts for $78 or six diapers with twelve bamboo inserts for $51. In other words, you can get whatever combination of diapers and inserts that you need for an insanely reasonable price!

    Argyle Sunbaby Diaper Pink Dot Sunbaby Diaper

    After pre-washing my Sunbaby cloth diaper and inserts a few time, I put my newest cloth diaper to the test. Although I sometimes like a double opening on my pocket diapers, I really liked the size of the single opening on my Sunbaby. The opening is wide enough to comfortable get the insert in but not too wide so as to allow the insert to wiggle out while my daughter rolls around on the floor. I also like that the pocket opening is big enough to allow me to insert three bamboo inserts for nighttime use without having to struggle against a narrow opening.

    Pocket Opening on Sunbaby Diaper

    As a OS pocket diaper, my Sunbaby diaper comes with torso and hip snaps that allow me to adjust the diaper to the perfect size for my daughter’s unique size and shape. The only major complaint that I have about Sunbaby Diapers is that there are only two torso snaps instead of three. Sometimes when I am trying to put this diaper on my daughter, one of the side snaps pops open as I struggle to get my wiggly baby inside the diaper. When she attempts to roll over on her changing table while I have her diaper in one hand, she pulls the snap right open. If the torso had three snaps, I think that there would be a less likely chance that my on-the-go baby would pop open on e of the side snaps while I attempt to put her diaper on. However, once the Sunbaby diaper is on my daughter, the snaps stay securely in place.

    Torso Snaps on Sunbaby Diaper Hip Snaps on Sunbaby Diaper

    I also usually prefer a diaper with double gussets on the legs. I have found that my diapers leak less with a double leg gusset. Sunbaby Diapers have only a single gusset on the leg openings. However, I am pleased to say that I have never had a problem with leaks with my Sunbaby. I even use my Sunbaby diaper on my daughter at night. She sleeps for up to twelve hours without wanting a diaper change. (And I am not about to wake a sleeping baby to change a diaper that is not bothering her!) Not once have I had any moisture leak out from the single leg gusset. If you are looking for a super secure cloth diaper without double leg gussets, then Sunbaby Diapers are the cloth diaper for you!

    Leg Opening of Sunbaby Diaper

    Finally, I always use a pocket diaper stuffed with bamboo inserts on my daughter at night. Most of my pocket diapers have failed the overnight test. However, my Sunbaby diaper has entered the rotation of nighttime diapers. I simply stuff the pocket with three bamboo inserts and my daughter stays dry during the entire twelve hours that she sleeps. I am so happy to have found another pocket diaper that stands up to the test of time. The next time that I need some more nighttime diapers, I will definitely give Sunbaby Diapers some serious consideration!

    Front of Sunbaby Diaper Back of Sunbaby Diaper
    Final Verdict: I love my Sunbaby OS pocket diaper! The design, although lacking some features that I usually love such as a double pocket opening and double leg gussets, holds up to every test that I put the diaper through. More important, my Sunbaby diaper keeps my daughter comfortable and dry for the twelve hours that she sleeps at night. My daughter and I give this cloth diaper an enthusiastic four thumbs up!

    For more information about Sunbaby Diapers or to make a purchase, visit the company website. You can also follow Sunbaby on Facebook.

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    Sunbaby Diaper and Inserts © 2012 Heather Johnson
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    Pink Dot Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Sunbaby Diapers
    Pocket Opening on Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Torso Snaps on Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Hip Snaps on Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Leg Opening of Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Front of Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson
    Back of Sunbaby Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson

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