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Swiffer Dusters KitOf all the chores in my home that need done on a regular schedule, I feel like I am loosing the battle against dusting the most. I have tried vacuuming. I have tried dusting with a damp rag. Nothing works great. Nothing lasts that long.

Approaching the end of my patience with the dust all over my house, I recently decided to try a Swiffer Duster. I kept seeing commercials for Swiffer Dusters on my television, so I thought I would buy a starter kit to try in my war against dust. The description of the product on the Swiffer website also piqued my interest:

Swiffer Dusters picks up dust and locks it away with thousands of flexible fluffy fibers. Lightly coated with Dust Lock Adhesive, these fibers change shape to reach into nooks and crannies, trapping up to 2x more dust than a dry dust cloth for a high-definition clean.

While doing our monthly shopping on Friday, my husband and I picked up a Swiffer Dusters Kit at Kroger for about $5. The kit came with the handle and three disposable dusters. When I got home that night, I tackled the dust on my bed headboard, side table, TV console, piano, and bookshelves. Absolutely impressed, I went out and bought a refill kit the next day.

The Verdict: I absolutely recommend Swiffer Dusters to anyone and everyone! I no longer have to lug a vacuum or damp rag around my home in my battle against dust. The Swiffer Duster not only does pick up dust and lock it away but also is so much easier to use than traditional dusting tools. The price is also well-worth the quality. I give Swiffer Dusters an A+.

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