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  • Rainbow Pipe Cleaner Sensory Bottle

    Rainbow Pipe Cleaner Sensory Bottle

    When my daughter was an infant, I started making her some sensory bottles filled with various liquids and baubles. Even now as a preschooler, she still enjoys playing with the bottles that I made her. My son also likes playing with the various bottles. And I have continued making new bottles filled with new objects. […] More

  • Musical Pompom Sensory Bottle

    Musical Pompom Sensory Bottle

    My kiddos love playing with the many sensory bottles that I have created from supplies found right in my craft cabinet. Last summer during story time at the local library, my daughter also made a fun musical pompom bottle that she and her little brother both equally love. Materials Empty plastic bottle with lid Nail […] More

  • Oil, Water, and Plastic Baubles Sensory Bottle 2

    Sensory Bottle Ideas: Oil, Water, and Plastic Baubles

    Sensory bottles are a fun and simple activity to make with young children. After our experiment with corn syrup and water failed but our water and plastic beads and water and oil sensory bottles turned out wonderfully, I decided to step our next bottle up a notch by combining the water and oil with some […] More

  • Glitter and Corn Syrup Sensory Bottle

    Sensory Bottle Ideas: Corn Syrup and Glitter

    My toddler daughter and I have been getting super crafty lately with sensory bottles. For parents and crafters not in the know, a sensory bottle is a recycled bottled filled with different objects and liquids. Sensory bottles can teach kids about sounds, colors, density, and viscosity. Making a sensory bottle is also great way to […] More

  • Glitter and Oil Sensory Bottle

    How to Make a Glitter and Oil Sensory Bottle

    Repurposing old plastic bottles into sensory bottles is a fun activity to do with a young child. In my house, my daughter has an ever-growing collection of sensory bottles that we have made together. Our most recent creation was a glitter and oil sensory bottle.   To make the glitter and oil sensory bottle, I […] More

  • Making Sense of Smell Containers

    Sense of Smell Toddler Activities: Scent Cups

    My recent quest to do more activities with my toddler daughter includes involving all of her senses. The messless edible paint bags that we recently played with involved the sense of touch as well as the sense of sight. Our recent experiments with sensory bottles incorporate the sense of sight as well as the sense […] More

  • Green, Pink, and Yellow Messless Edible Paint Bag

    Messless Edible Paint Bags for Toddlers

    In my quest to find sensory activities to do with my toddler daughter, I came across a few ideas that involved putting paint in ziplock baggies. The child could then squish the paint together, exploring touch and color, without making a mess. However, I know my toddler daughter. And a plastic baggie would do nothing […] More

  • Soap Bubbles and Oil and Water Sensory Bottles

    Sensory Bottle Ideas: Oil and Water, Soap, and Rice

    Sensory bottles are a simple activity to make with young children that use recycled bottles and materials found around the house. Recently, in my quest to do more activities with my toddler daughter, she and I created three new sensory bottles using oil and water, soap, and rice. In the first bottle that my daughter […] More