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  • Using Verbs and Verb Phrases as Verb Phrase Complements

    Traditional grammars notionally define verbs as words that “describe an action or a state of being.” Verb phrases consist of a...

    English VerbsHeather JohnsonNovember 4, 2013
  • English Catenative Verbs

    Similar to modal verbs in distinctness, catenative verbs are a unique verb form to the English language. Catenative verbs form strings...

    English VerbsHeather JohnsonOctober 10, 2013
  • The Verb Phrase Complement in English Grammar

    Verb phrase complements are words and phrases that complete the meaning of a verb or verb phrase. Unlike verb phrase modifiers...

    Grammatical FunctionHeather JohnsonOctober 8, 2013
  • Common English Verbs

    The English verb system is often considered the most complex system of the English language. The following sections list the five...

    English VerbsHeather JohnsonAugust 31, 2013