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  • BicMax Bath Toy Organizer Review

    BicMax Bath Toy Organizer Review

    My kids love taking baths, especially my daughter. To make bath time a little more fun, I allow my kiddos to have a few water toys likes stacking cups and rubber ducks. But how do you make sure bath toys dry fully to prevent mold while keeping clutter picked up? Until recently, I stored bath […] More

  • Skip Hop Ducky Bath Spout Cover
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    Bathtub Safety: Using Faucet Covers

    I used to scoff at the idea of a bathtub faucet cover. I would just closely watch my children in the tub, right? Then I backed into the faucet while giving my dog a bath and cut my lower back so badly that I still have a scar. Then my great uncle banged his head […] More