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  • Geffen Baby Super Absorbers Review

    Geffen Baby Super Absorbers Review

    I have been cloth diapering my two children for over five years. During that time, I have tried many types of diapers and many types of inserts, some of which you can check out from these reviews along with other products. Until recently, however, I had yet to try any Geffen Baby products. Therefore, when […] More

  • HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Cloth Diaper Review

    HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Cloth Diaper Review

    I have been cloth diaper my two babies since my daughter was about three months old. She has been potty trained for over a year and a half now, but my toddler son still wears diapers. I have quite the fluffy stash, but I still love trying new diapers. When recently offered the chance to […] More

  • Smart Bottoms Organic Cotton Insert and Smart Bottoms Organic Cotton and Hemp Insert 1

    Using Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers Overnight

    As my readers know, I am a huge fan of the Smart Bottoms all-in-one cloth diaper. Unlike with my daughter, who primarily wore all-in-twos and covers with various inserts, I prefer all-in-ones on my son. Immediately after birth, I put him in an Emerson Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn diaper. Once he grew big enough […] More

  • Coqui Baby Minky Hero Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

    Coqui Baby Minky Hero Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

    Last fall, Coqui Baby approached me about reviewing the Hero pocket diaper. Much to my surprise and pleasure, my local cloth diaper shop, PinStripes and PolkaDots, had recommended The Parenting Patch to Coqui Baby, a cloth diapering company based in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. Excited to work with a company close to me, I eagerly accepted the […] More

  • Buttons Diapers Hemp/Cotton Daytime Inserts and Overnight Doubler 1

    Buttons Diapers Hemp/Cotton Inserts Review

    I am a huge fan of the all-in-two cloth diapers from Buttons Diapers. After reviewing two covers and some Stay Dry and microfiber inserts over a year ago, I quickly added more covers and inserts to my stash including the small inserts for my newborn stash. I have also reviewed other Buttons Diapers products with […] More

  • Back of The Little Bee Co. Pocket Diaper

    The Little Bee Co. One-Size Pocket Diaper Review

    As my readers know, I am not generally a fan of pocket diapers. Although I think that pocket diapers are great cloth diapers overall, I hate stuffing and unstuffing the inserts. However, after reading a number of positive reviews about The Little Bee Co. including from The Median Mommy, I jumped at the opportunity to […] More

  • Back of Buttons Diaper with Large Insert

    Buttons Diapers Review

    Of all the different types of diapers that I have tried, my favorite by far is an all-in-two (AI2) diaper, which basically consists of a cover with an insert snapped inside. A few months ago, I read some reviews of Buttons Diapers one-size all-in-two diapers from Zephyr Hill, Just Add Cloth, ┬áThe Anti-June Cleaver, and […] More

  • Best Bottom Shell and Stay Dry Insert

    Cloth Diaper Mishaps: The Time Daddy Forget the Insert

    Do you know what happens when you forget to put the insert inside your cloth diaper cover? I unfortunately found out last week after an evening at work when I ended up covered in pee in the middle of my dining room. My husband has always been awesome about changing diapers. He was even onboard […] More

  • My Ideal Cloth Diaper Stash

    Starting from Scratch: My Ideal Cloth Diaper Stash

    How would your ideal cloth diaper stash look if you could start over again with an unlimited budget? As part of the cloth diapering again series, the ladies at Padded Tush Stats asked about ideal stashes without the limitations of a budget. Although I am largely happy with my current stash, which consists of all […] More

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