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  • Washing a Smart Bottoms All-in-One

    Prepping Natural Fiber Cloth Diapers and Inserts

    All new cloth diapers require at least one initial washing prior to first use. Whenever I buy a new diaper, I toss my purchase in with my next load of diaper laundry. After one wash and dry, my synthetic fiber (microfiber) diapers and inserts are ready for use. Natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and bamboo, […] More

  • Air Drying Cloth Diaper Laundry

    My Current Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine

    Since switching to cloth diapers in March 2013, I have tweaked my laundry routine every now and again. Most recently with the end of summer, I have started hanging up all my diapers including my inserts to air dry. Cloth diapering including cloth diaper laundry is such a personal experience for each cloth diaperer. After […] More

  • OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

    Does Oxygen Bleach Disinfect Cloth Diapers?

    Many cloth diaperers including myself swear by OxiClean (oxygen bleach) to disinfect and brighten cloth diapers. In fact, OxiClean was patented as a cleaner, sanitizer, disinfectant, fungicide, sporicide, and chemical sterilizer. But does oxygen bleach actually work as a disinfectant? To answer the question, I whipped out my research skills. The short answer is that, […] More

  • Laundry Detergents

    Stinky Diapers? Use More Detergent

    Do you use cloth diapers? Do you find yourself dealing with diaper stink? Recently I have seen the topic of stinky diapers on a number of Facebook groups. Different fluff users will offer various solutions to diaper stink. As with all things cloth, the key to keep in mind when dealing with stinkiness is that […] More

  • Clorox Bleach Bottles

    Never Use Bleach on Cloth Diapers

    Update: Cloth diapering is a personal experience. What works for one cloth diaper user may not work for another. However, each cloth diaperer does have his or her opinions. I personally would never recommend bleach — especially not as an initial solution. Although some of my fellow cloth diapering bloggers do use bleach from time […] More

  • Box of Woolzies Dryer Balls

    Woolzies Dryer Balls Review

    Do you spend a lot of time with your dryer running? Between regular laundry and cloth diaper laundry, I end up running my dryer four to six times each week. Our regular clothing including towels and blankets take between 45 and 60 minutes to dry. The cloth diapers including mama cloth and a few bath […] More

  • Dirty Cloth Diapers in Wet Bag

    How to Wash Cloth Diapers: My Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine

    Ask a group of cloth diapering mamas about washing cloth diapers, and you may get an assortment of answers. You will learn about different types of laundry detergents, whether or not to use bleach, wash cycles, and drying routines. When I first started out with cloth diapers, my biggest question was about washing the dirty […] More