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  • Real Nappies Kit

    Real Nappies Cloth Diaper Review

    When I first started cloth diapering my daughter around three months old, I opted for all-in-two diapers as the largest portion of my stash. As my daughter has grown, I have experimented with other types of cloth diapers, leaning towards covers with some sort of insert as my top preference. Although I previously purchased one […] More

  • Replacing Leg Elastics in Diaper Covers

    Replacing Leg Elastics in Diaper Covers

    When some of the leg elastics in my favorite diaper covers recently died, I decided to attempt to replace the elastic myself. I can make minor sewing repairs and can follow an easy pattern pretty well. I figured that replacing the elastics in the legs of my diapers would be pretty easy. Fortunately, my optimism […] More

  • Back of Buttons Diaper with Large Insert

    Buttons Diapers Review

    Of all the different types of diapers that I have tried, my favorite by far is an all-in-two (AI2) diaper, which basically consists of a cover with an insert snapped inside. A few months ago, I read some reviews of Buttons Diapers one-size all-in-two diapers from Zephyr Hill, Just Add Cloth, ┬áThe Anti-June Cleaver, and […] More