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  • Fall Patio

    The Perky Patio: Five Patio Fixes

    Warmer weather is here! Now is the perfect time to tackle some patio fixes. Here are a few spring patio tips to spruce up your outdoor lair. 1. Don’t Have It? Build It! While it seems an odd time to start an outdoor project, spring provides the perfect weather to build that dream patio you’ve […] More

  • Sugru

    Sugru Review: Or, How I Fixed My Cracking Bathtub

    Remember those commercials for a compound that you could use to fix almost anything around your house? Let me tell you, at first I was skeptical that such a product could actually work. Then I discovered Sugru. What is Sugru? Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand, molds like play-dough, bonds […] More