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  • Rules for Italicization in Written English

    Rules for Italicization in Written English

    Similar to punctuation, italicization is a convention of writing that helps writers and readers more easily read and understand writing. There are five rules for using the typographical technique of italics in written American English: Identify titles of major works Emphasize words and phrases Identify letters and words used as words Identify linguistic examples Identify […] More

  • English Punctuation

    English Punctuation

    Discover the rules for using apostrophes, braces, brackets, colons, commas, dashes, ellipses, hyphens, italics, parentheses, periods, question marks, exclamation marks, interrobangs, quotation marks, semicolons, and slashes in written American English with the following guides for punctuation rules. Apostrophes Punctuation Rules for Apostrophes in Written English explains the use of apostrophes to form possessive nouns, to […] More