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  • Why Is 'Love' Not Spelled 'Luv'?

    Why Is ‘Love’ Not Spelled ‘Luv’?

    Have you ever thought about the English language and considered the orthographic system downright wacky? Many words have a “silent e” at the end and others have a “silent b” in the middle. Not even the second month of the year gets away without an r that may or may not be pronounced. Befuddling as […] More

  • Are You Wondering About the 'R' in February?

    Are You Wondering About the ‘R’ in February?

    English spelling appears inconsistent at first. From silent letters to doubled letters, the orthography of English seems downright wacky to native and foreign speakers of the language. However, delving into the history of words reveals that the spelling of English makes more sense than first impressions imply. For example, why does February have an r […] More