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  • Some Salted Peanuts

    Peanut Exposure Builds Immunity in Allergic Children

    With a warning not to try exposure therapy at home, researchers conducting a study on children with peanut allergies (STOP II trial) discovered that exposing allergic individuals to larger and larger amounts of peanuts over time could build up a tolerance to the nut. The results of the oral immunotherapy (OIT) study were published in […] More

  • Peanuts on Counter

    Eating Peanuts During Pregnancy Lowers Allergy Risk for Child

    Despite previous recommendations that pregnant women avoid peanuts to reduce the risk of allergies and asthma in their children, new research from the Dana-Farber Children’s Cancer Center in Boston, Massachusetts suggests that women who are not allergic to nuts or legumes and who eat peanuts during pregnancy lower the risk of their child developing a […] More

  • Peanut Products

    Does Breastfeeding Cause Nut Allergies?

    Does exclusive breastfeeding cause food allergies to nuts? According to a recent study from the Australian National University, yes, babies who are exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life are at an increased risk of developing a nut allergy. The study discovered that the likelihood of developing a nut allergy was 1.5 times […] More