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  • Rock 'N Learn Learn a Language DVD

    Rock ‘N Learn Learn a Language DVD Review

    Because of my background in linguistics, I appreciate the benefits of learning a second language. Unfortunately, I live in an extremely mono-lingual area with few opportunities to encounter languages other than English. Thus, I am always on the lookout for educational materials through which I can expose my children to other languages. I have previously […] More

  • Rock 'N Learn Early Childhood Collection

    Rock ‘N Learn Early Childhood Collection Review

    I started homeschooling my daughter last fall, and I am always on the lookout for new learning materials to supplement her education. I have previously reviewed DVDs from Rock ‘N Learn, so, when the company recently approached me about reviewing a new Early Childhood Collection of DVDs and board books, I eagerly accepted the opportunity. […] More

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    Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words Level 2 DVD Review

    Rock ‘N Learn began in 1986 as an idea that would help children learn by putting educational material to music with a current sound.¬†After reviewing the Sights Words DVD earlier in the summer, Rock ‘N Learn offered me a chance to review the Sight Words Level 2 DVD. Because I am already collecting materials to […] More

  • Sight Words DVD from Rock 'N Learn

    Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words DVD Review

    Even though I have been a proficient and an avid reader for over twenty years now, I still remember memorizing my sight words when I was first learning to read back in kindergarten and first grade. Sights words are words that a reader learns to read through rote memorization. Many common words must be learned […] More

  • Letter Sounds DVD

    Rock ‘N Learn Letter Sounds DVD Review

    As a mother who is also a linguist and a librarian, I am already thinking seriously about my daughter’s language development and reading skills. She is only four months old, but I am already doing everything possible to make language and reading as easy as possible for her. My husband and I talk and sing […] More