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  • Fat Kids Discriminated Against by Normal Weight Kids

    Skinny Kids Don’t Want To Befriend Fat Kids, Study Finds

    A new study has determined that skinny kids most often do not want to befriend “fat kids.” Using a storybook model, researchers at the University of Leeds (England) displayed character prototypes with different body types and handicaps. The characters were either overweight, normal weight, or disabled. Researchers used those three models to determine the subconscious feelings and responses […] More

  • Obese Woman at Water Park

    Debate Surrounds Whether Obese Women Should Be Denied Fertility Treatments

    Canadian medical officials this week are attempting to determine if obese women should be denied assisted reproduction treatments (infertility treatments). The debate surrounds whether denying the services is medically necessary or discriminatory in nature. Various Canadian fertility clinics already deny treatment if the patient is over a certain body mass index (BMI). The American Society of Reproductive […] More