‘Ten Puppies’ Book Review

Ten Puppies CoverTen Puppies by Lynn Reiser is a book about numbers, counting, and addition for young readers ages four until about second grade. Using the story of a mother dog who raises ten puppies, the book teaches young children to count from one to ten. Additionally, each set of pages pairs two numbers that add up to ten, so the book also offers an opportunity to teach about basic addition.

I personally like the illustrations in Ten Puppies. Each of the puppies is of a different breed. Each page also describes a different attribute of the puppies complete with pictures flat noses, curly tails, and little paws.

Final Verdict: Ten Puppies is a great book for introducing young readers to the concepts of counting and addition. Children who love dogs will also love this book.

Ten Puppies Illustrations

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Ten Puppies Cover © 2011 Heather Johnson
Ten Puppies Illustrations © 2011 Heather Johnson

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