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    Free Prenatal Vitamins from Meijer

    Free Prenatal Vitamins from Meijer

    I began taking prenatal vitamins long before I conceived either of my pregnancies. Prior to starting a prenatal vitamin, I also started taking folic acid supplements about two years before my husband and I even considered trying to conceive? Why? Because folic acid and the other vitamins and minerals found in the best prenatal vitamins are essential to the healthy growth of a new baby. Furthermore, many of these nutrients take a bit of time to build up to the proper amount in the body of the mommy-to-be. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible that I could to ensure a healthy pregnancy with a positive outcome. Plus, popping one little vitamin every day is easy, so why would I pass up the opportunity to do something so great that was also so easy? However, buying prenatals each month can get costly. So, I wondered, are there any free prenatal vitamins available?

    Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal. For a woman who has a specific nutritional need, prescription prenatals might be the way to go. However, just as over-the-counter prenatal vitamins cost money, so too do prescribed supplements. In most cases. But, as I learned from my nurse practitioner, Meijer offers a great program that provides women with free prenatal vitamins with a prescription. In my book, the best prenatal vitamins are also free prenatal vitamins! So, last September, I stopped buying my prenatals from Walmart and instead started getting free prenatal vitamins from Meijer. All I needed was a prescription. No other questions asked.

    Prenatal Vitamins from MeijerGetting free prenatal vitamins from Meijer is not only a great cost saving decision, but free prenatals from the store are also easy. My nurse practitioner wrote me a prescription with enough refills to last me for an entire pregnancy. Even thought I lost my first pregnancy, I continued getting my free prenatals and took one daily. Now that I am pregnant again, all I need to do when I run out of refills is to call my nurse practitioner (or my new nurse midwife) and ask for a new prescription. How easy is that?!

    Prenatal vitamins are so important to take not only during a pregnancy but before and after as well. To any woman out there who is pregnant or who is considering getting pregnant, I highly recommend she talk to a medical professional who can write you a prescription for free prenatal vitamins from Meijer. In addition to free prenatals, the best prenatal vitamins are also just the ones that a woman takes before, during, and after pregnancy. So, pop that pill! And let me also give a big thanks to Meijer. Thank you, Meijer, for my free prenatal vitamins!

    Where else can you get prenatal vitamins for free? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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    Free Prenatal Vitamins from Meijer © 2015 Heather Johnson
    Prenatal Vitamins from Meijer © 2015 Heather Johnson

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