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The Duck and the Park Street Church: The Rubber Ducky Project Week 14

The Duck and the Park Street Church features a rubber duck outside the Park Street Church of The Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts. At the beginning of 2013, I made a resolution to post a weekly photograph of a rubber duck. Because my daughter loved rubber duckies so much, my goal was to post a picture a week of one of her rubber ducks. Her ducks have showed up in some pretty unusual places over the past few years as part of The Rubber Ducky Project.

The Duck and the Park Street Church

Image Credits

The Duck and the Park Street Church © 2015 Heather Johnson

  • Angela

    Great way to document activities with your daughter too!

  • missfrosty1

    I love when people take photos of a random personal object all over the country. This is such a cute idea!

  • sandy c.

    that’s cute love the idea

  • Chris Ti Na

    I want to start doing this with my LO when she is older

  • This is a fun project. I once wanted to take a teddy with me on my voyages so I could document his presence.

  • Erica P.

    This is adorable! Like the infamous Flat Stanley project assigned to school kids! And it’s such a fun way to help make history and geography relevant to them.

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